The Wildest and Weirdest Insurance Claims in History

Insurance policies are there to help us in our dire moments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s damaged properties or protection for our business establishments, insurance got us covered as long as we have the right policy.

Even if it all comes down with just plain, bad luck, or an accident, we can’t deny the helpfulness of our policies, especially to our livelihood and bank accounts.

That’s the reason why people should take this matter seriously since insurance gives us huge coverage and security during emergencies and the worst times. With that in mind, there are a bunch of stories about some of the wildest insurance claims out there. Some are great, some are horrific, while others are considered out of this world. Whatever the case may be, there’s only one thing certain, and that’s the fact that all of their situations are unique to themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the wildest, weirdest, and wackiest insurance claims in history. Now that’s out of our way, let’s get started!

Wild Camel Doing Wild Things

We all know the term “park at your own risk,” right? Well, a man in the land down under, Australia, learned this lesson the hard way when his car got a huge dent right at the door. The paint job was a mess, and it seemed like someone punched the car.

That’s also what most people from his auto insurance company believed at first. Good thing, this man luckily recorded the whole commotion, and the culprit behind the scenes would be none other than a wild camel doing wild things to his car. In the end, he managed to get his claim, and the video evidence he got on hand became a pivotal piece for the case. He surely didn’t just make excuses at the time.

Not So Hardwood Now

People would do all sorts of crazy things that sometimes are beyond our understanding, but this case right here might be at the borderline of that. There was a time back then when a homeowner claim got denied for modifying her flooring, and from the looks of things, that person used their hardwood floors into a bowling alley lane.

That pretty much set the deal and she wasn’t able to get the claim she wanted. However, she still stands by her beliefs and commitment that she turned the hardwood into a bowling alley because she thought that the floor was just not hard enough! With that kind of justifications, we can clearly see why the insurance provider didn’t favor her since it just doesn’t make any sense.

Happy Hour?

Wines and breweries are good hobbies and if the craft of winemaking is perfected, one might have a hell of a ride when it comes to his potential income. The income exponentially increases when we talk about aged wines for which the flavors hone by time, especially the vintage bottles that are kept in cellars.

That is what a homeowner back in the days envisioned for his basement cellar and his sets of wines. He put together wines that he aged, but with a stroke of bad luck, a couple of pipes along the basement collapsed and ultimately damaged his prized possession. Probably this man learned his lesson and, in the future, will hire a good team of experts that offer quality plumbing services.

Extended Vacation Spree

There was a couple that went for a quality time in Greece for that beautiful, month-long Mediterranean escape. Everything went on with their trip without any hiccups but little did they know, something was happening back in their home.

After their life-changing vacation in Greece, the two were welcomed by rodents that infested their home. Filled with questions, they decided to look for clues why it happened, and they found out that their upright freezer’s content was the culprit. Apparently, there was a power outage and that spoiled what’s inside the freezer. To make the matter worse, the spoiled content spilled all over the floor, inviting pests to their home. Their homeowner insurance policy kicked in, and they went on for an extended vacation outside their home while their house underwent repairs and pests control.

Wedding and Insurance

People would do everything in their power just to get that elusive perfect wedding: long, white gown, and beautiful flowers at the aisle, and of course, a perfect reception where everyone can enjoy their time. What’s missing is insurance coverage that would act as a fallback option in case something went wrong.

This is exactly what happened to a young couple. Everything was perfect until the bride’s dress caught fire. Good thing, the manly groom was there to save the day and he dumped his bride down the ocean. Thus, ruining their dream wedding. The couple then decided to file a claim for the damaged wedding dress to, at least, makeup with their loss. We just didn’t know if the case went their way.

Hot Dog Anyone?

All pet lovers out there could attest that having pets are like having children in a household. Pets need to be supervised; otherwise, they would get you in a whole lot of trouble. That’s exactly what the owner of a dog learned after their favorite pup named Skyler set his birthday cake on fire. It turned out that Skyler was trying to reach his cake that sits above the stove when he accidentally switched the burner on.

Moments later, people saw the cake burst into flames, damaging a clear portion of their house and toasting the cake to a crisp. That’s the story behind their home insurance, and it looks like they had a strong case to settle for a claim. Fortunately, no one was injured, whether it would be on the human side or the canine side.

Better Think Twice When Honking Sheeps on the Road

Sports cars are a thing of beauty on the road. They light up the streets with their jam-packed engine and everyone in the vicinity can feel its intensity whenever they revved up the gas pedal. However, the sports car probably met its match, and this time, the alone beast was taken over by a herd of goats.

Yes, you got that right, an expensive-looking red sports car was cruising along the road when its driver spotted a herd of goats in the middle of the road. He tried everything to get the herd off the road and even resorted to honking the goats. That move didn’t go well with the herd as they jumped onto the sportscar, shattering a couple of things along the way.

Motivated and Insured

Motivational speakers are people we turn to whenever we need some sort of inspiration to get things in the right place. They can sometimes give us unparalleled strength and willpower to overcome any obstacle and break any walls. However, there was a certain individual that took this literally.

Interestingly enough, this motivational speaker did his part and encouraged one of his audiences to break aboard. A member of the audience followed it by heart and ended up on a claim case to an insurance company after breaking his hands while following the speaker’s instructions. On the bright side, the speaker did great filling up the meter of their listeners. Too bad for the injured, he probably had a little too much.

Snakes Everywhere

Let’s all admit that most of us are pretty much afraid of snakes. Some snakes sport a deadly venom that can instantly kill a grown man in just a couple of minutes. With that in mind, we can just barely imagine what it would be like to see the head of a dreaded rattlesnake right in the toilet.

The plumbing services team entered the scene and rescued the day for those poor fellows but to their shock, they found almost two dozens of this snake lurking around their plumbing system. Good thing they were able to get their acts together and no one got injured during this encounter. That’s coming from both the snakes and the human side, so that’s a job well done.

Game Smashed

Video games are now more popular than ever and many people spend most of their time just to get a couple of hours on their favorite titles. However, these two brothers right here tasted the bitterness of defeat both in video games and in real life after they got denied with their $1.1K claim for a new set of smart TV.

It all started when their family got insurance for their television set and everything seemed to be going normally. One of the two brothers was playing with an interactive game on their new screen but accidentally pitched his controller and smacked the exact center of the television screen. He may have shattered their smart TV, but at least, he learned how to pitch hard.

The Mystery of the Lost Drone

Most of us are still fascinated with unsolved mysteries of the vanishing planes at the Bermuda Triangle. Even with modern equipment, experts still can’t determine if the famed phenomenon is real or just a pure hoax. That’s the type of mystery this certain lady felt when she lost her insured drone right after she looked away from the glare of the sun.

Even to this date, the drone might still be floating around the limbo and is nowhere to be found. Good thing, it has an insurance policy and it would save the owner a couple of bucks to replace that expensive drone that went missing into thin air. We bet she wouldn’t do the same things she did on her first time.

Real-life Bat Lair

Homeowners’ insurance coverage is always a great deal to all people who availed of the policy. It provides us with an extra layer of protection for our property without the hassle of going into so much detail– just like what happened with one family and their century and a half old farmhouse.

On the outside, it looked like just your run of the mill farmhouse but upon closer inspection, the whole vicinity was filled with bats and would put Batman’s minions to shame. In fact, bat poop covered the ground with almost two feet of their thing. Now, imagine that situation without a homeowner’s insurance policy. It would be a huge mess given the cleanup as well as the repair cost.

Pickup Truck WIth Plenty of Horsepower

If there’s any takeaway from this story, it is the fact that we have to be careful about what we use to polish our cars and trucks. Just take a look at what happened to a hunter from Missouri and his poor 4X4 pickup truck.

That truck was one of the prized possessions of the said hunter. He already placed huge investments toward this monster, so it would be fitting to use a specialized wax to get the exterior all shiny and new. However, this carnauba car wax gives out a banana-like scent that everybody likes. After his trip, he was surprised to see that his truck was surrounded by horses and filled with a couple of bite marks. Poor pickup truck.

The Tale of the Lost iPhone

Nowadays, smartphones are a pretty useful tool in our everyday lives. It acts like our all-in-one utility and communication device that could easily fit inside our wallets. However, there’s a livestock farmer in Devon, the UK who found out that his iPhone could fit his cow’s insides.

It all happened when he was attending his livestock for a calf delivery. He used his iPhone as a torch but experienced the most shocking thing in the world after his phone got sucked inside his cow. The calf came out pretty healthy but he never got his iPhone back. Good thing he had mobile insurance for it and he apparently got his claim full after explaining his situation. That’s a win-win situation for him in our books.

Heads Up

You probably have the worst luck in the world in order for you to get struck by a coconut on the head. However, it seems like there are actually around 150 people around the globe who got struck by the dreaded coconut. Did you know The Travel Agency Club Direct decided to include that as one of their insurance policies? Well, you can never be too sure, right?

As of this moment, the agency still hasn’t got any claimant from this policy and that’s a good thing. On the flip side of the coin, there’s a man in Hawaii who got himself a couple of grands richer because of a similar incident where he got struck by a falling coconut while on the sidewalk.

Be Careful When Ordering Curly Fries

A lady and her elderly mother just recently got back from a long doctor’s appointment when the two decided to take a bite down the nearest fast-food chain around their area. They had an exciting meal together and took a couple of to-go orders, including a set of curly fries.

After they got home and parked her car, the elderly woman dropped her bag of fries and left them on the driveway. The lady then went on to get a broom as she got ready to clean up the mess, but it seemed like the bag went missing already. A couple of days later, her car’s engine lights started to play up, and it appeared that the bag of fries managed to get stuck onto the engine compartment of her car. The bad news, rodents also gnaw the snack and a couple of wires along the way. Her insurance company covered the damages for fixing up the car and removing the curly fries within the car’s system.

Let’s Taste That Moolah

Good food wouldn’t be so great if we can’t taste them for real. We also have to take note that food critics use their sense of taste to a whole new level, and their livelihood depends on it. Now, if we combine the taste buds and insurance policy to the mix, we would see the story of the food critic, Egon Ronay.

Ronay had a firm voice in the culinary world because of his exquisite taste buds, and he decided that his buds were more special compared to others. As a result, he insured his taste buds for a jaw-dropping $393,000 policy. That’s a clear way to say that his taste buds are pretty special, and people should always take it seriously.

Dentures On Water!

Have you ever thought about how important travel insurance is? Well, if you are constantly on the move, we bet that you appreciate it in an event that you accidentally lost one of your important baggage. Besides, there’s a man who could attest to the significance of this policy in his life, and here’s his story.

He was traveling on a cruise ship for a vacation when he lost his dentures. Apparently, it fell out overboard while he was vomiting and that was the last time he saw his beloved dentures. He filed a claim for his lost dentures under his travel insurance company and surprisingly got rewarded. Our best guess is that the insurer considers dentures as baggage. He wouldn’t be sad anymore because of his lost dentures, and that’s for sure.

Prepared for Everything, Including Alien Abduction

One clear way to see if we are insured enough is to account for all possible things that could go wrong with our lives. Is our house properly insured? How about our cars? But we bet there’s something you missed on the list, and we are talking about alien abductions.

Yes, that’s a real thing, and folks from St. Lawrence Agency actually sell this policy. However, they admitted that this is all a gimmick, but the policy is legit. In fact, they already paid one of their policyholders a couple of years ago when a claimant approached them and showed them an unusual implant in his body. Well, what do you know? They found out that implant is nothing like what we see here on Earth, so the claimant managed to walk away with terms of gaining $1 every year until death.

 Insurance and Promotions

Christmas season is the time when we see all sorts of promotions popping left and right. Some would give us huge discounts for purchases, while others give a vast selection of freebies. The bottom line is that we get more bang for our buck. However, there’s a jewelry company in North Carolina that offers more than that.

They offered to refund a whopping $500,000 worth of sales if their city saw more than three inches of snow right on the big day, on Christmas day. Good thing, they had good insurance coverage because the port city of Wilmington got more than eight inches of snow right on Christmas day. Can you imagine if they shouldered all the possible losses they could get if they haven’t got the right policy?

Insurance for Our Behinds

We all know how famous people want to keep their social status and they usually do it by engaging with all sorts of interesting stuff. They want to ensure things to probably cement their legacy. One thing that comes to our mind is Jennifer Lopez’s butt.

For those who didn’t know, J. Lo is famous for getting an insurance policy for her behind and she did that with style. In fact, she might have a bigger insurance policy than the rest of us. Can you imagine someone insuring his butt for a whopping $27 million? There weren’t many details on how much her monthly premium costs with her policy but having that in the first place is really insane.

Twins for the Win!

Having a newborn is a great feeling to any parents but imagine doubling that up with twins. If that’s the case, you should go with an insurance company from London that offers financial assistance in the event that your family ever gets multiple births at once such as twins.

Just take a look at the family that was on the receiving end of the policy. They opted for a plan right before they conceived and fortunately, they were able to get twins on the first try. After a couple of years, they opted for another one, and surprisingly, they got twins again in the bag! That’s what you call complete luck and just like the old saying goes, “twins for the win!”

It’s The Garage Door’s Fault

Many people overlook the homeowners’ insurance policy but it clearly has its own place in the market. These policies would help us a long way when it comes to fires, damages, or even robberies. Now speaking of robberies, this story is a funny one.

The owners of the house went for a week-long vacation and that time became the window of opportunity for a certain individual to make quick cash from committing a burglary. Everything seemed to be going the thief’s way but was suddenly put on halt, thanks to the faulty garage door opener that wouldn’t work. He stayed in the house for the whole week and filed an insurance claim citing mental anguish for the time he spent on lockdown.

A Wacky Winter Trip

Winter season is a great time for anybody who wants to experience the adrenaline rush provided by skiing. That’s exactly what a woman felt when he traveled up to the Alpines and brought all sorts of skiing stuff. After all, she needs to have all kinds of things when she goes down the icy slopes.

However, her trip ended up with disappointment as she wasn’t able to showcase her brand new pair of skis. From the looks of things, there wasn’t enough snow on the ground to show off her new set of gears when she arrived at the place. What did she do? Apparently, she filed a claim against her travel insurance citing all the reasons above. A pretty wacky claim, right?

Get Your Story Right

If ever you get a chance to work in an insurance company, especially in the claims department, you’ll hear all kinds of unbelievable stories. You don’t believe us? Just take a look at a claim for a stolen boat.

The policyholders filed a claim stating that their boat just mystically went missing from their enclosed garage. Seems like a viable story since that boat would fetch a lot of easy money. However, after further investigation, they found out that the boat that went missing was around 30 feet long while his garage slot only came out for 24 feet. Now, how would you fit a 30-foot boat in that tight space? In the end, instead of getting paid, they were fined for their attempt.

Be Mindful on Where We Bury Things

Beachlines are a great place to have a very relaxing moment with the family. We can all enjoy the sun, the waves, and the sands. However, if we usually do this as our regular family activity, we have to make sure that we have enough insurance coverage for our gadgets, especially if we have kids.

That’s the hard and cold truth a family learned after their two kids managed to get their hands on their parents’ video camera. They played along with it taking a couple of videos along the way until they decided to bury the unsuspecting video cam under the sand. Everything seemed to be going fine until they can’t remember where exactly they buried it.

There Goes My Diamond Ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and for the most part, it seems like it is true. That’s why many guys use their credit cards just to get that diamond ring for that special girl. However, there was a really funny story that happened to a woman with her expensive diamond ring.

She filed a claim for her diamond ring when an unsuspecting goose plucked her diamond ring and swallowed it down to its guts. The lady searched for her diamond ring in the goose’s droppings but wasn’t successful in that regard. She patiently waited for a couple of weeks but with little to no success. Things went from bad to worse when the goose decided to fly away, taking the diamond ring with it.

Lost Fur Coat Found

We know fur coats are pretty expensive, and most credit cards can hardly afford it. That’s why people love to file a claim whenever their expensive fur coat gets lost. However, this lady had a few tricks on her sleeves to get quick cash from her lost fur coat.

She apparently filed a $10,000 claim for that, but her pretty well-thought plan turned out not so well-thought after all. After doing a couple of investigations, her lost fur coat surprisingly appeared right in her storage, complete with her initials monogrammed on the coat. To add salt onto the wound, the insurance company found the coat’s receipt and discovered that the coat only cost around $10,000.

Doggie Painter

Renovation loans can be a tough gig to handle, especially if we are just doing all the labor ourselves. However, here’s a story of a lady and her four-legged buddy doing all the dirty work for painting their home with a new look.

The lady’s dog picked up a trick and apparently, it mimicked its owner with a paintbrush but instead of a brush, the pooch used its own tail to get things done. Judging from the quality of work the four-legged friend did, we can say it’s still a long way ahead before the lady can tell that her furry friend is a professional painter. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement, so be on the lookout.

Free Tacos for All

Back in the early 2000s, Taco Bell made a bold statement regarding their prediction of where the Mir space station hits back to Earth. To make their assumptions fair, they decided that the landing would take place somewhere down the South Pacific, and if it happened to hit their 40 by 40-foot bull’s eye, they would give free tacos for everyone in the U.S.

To ensure that their company still has something left in case the target hits their mark, they purchased an insurance policy to cover any possible losses. That’s a smart move from them if you ask us since you can’t always tell what would happen in the future. Just imagine how quickly they would get into the bankruptcy lane in case that reached their target.

Legs Are Safe!

It is always a must-have for all supermodels to have very gorgeous and almost heavenly legs so we can see why these people would do everything just to keep them in tip-top shape. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the actress, television personality, and supermodel Heidi Klum and her beloved legs.

To give us a quick numerical value of Klum’s legs, we can say that it would be at around $2 million for both legs. However, we have to take note that one of her legs has less insurance than the other. This was due to a scar that she got back during her childhood years. So for any aspiring models out there, we would say take extra care of your body parts so you guys won’t regret it in the future.

Take a Look At My Feet

The Irish dancer and musician Michael Flatley has one of the ridiculous insurance policies in the days. At one point, his feet (yes, we are talking about his feet) got a price tag of around $51.8 million.

Why and how did his set of feet were properly insured? Well, apparently, his feat at the Guinness World Records was just one of the reasons for that insane amount. However, in reality, that’s because of the contribution he made with the modernization of the traditional Irish dance that earned him the title of an icon. He retired a couple of years ago because of the pain that he suffered on his spine, knees, and foot. Probably, we can link those pains with the constant stress he got from dancing.

When All-Stars Aligned

Small business owners in the UK are well-protected from various threats that can potentially affect their investment ventures. They carefully thought of everything, including the possibility of employees quitting their jobs after winning a huge prize pot coming from a lottery.

They drafted the policy because of an event that happened during the later part of the 2000s when a small company in the UK made headlines after most of their employees won the lottery. The risk of affecting the business heightened when most of them decided to quit their jobs. In cases that we experience the same fate as that company, we would be more secure, and we can provide an extra layer of security for our beloved business.

Shampoo-Powered Car

When we are in a pinch, it is best to employ unusual knowledge and wisdom from this world by using ordinary objects as an alternative. A prime example of that would be shampoo at the time we ran out of body wash while we are taking showers.

However, there’s a lady in Northern Ireland that took this approach to a whole new level. She pretty much used her shampoo bottle and accidentally poured it over her vehicle’s gas tank. The lady then filed a claim for the damaged vehicle. We just didn’t know what both parties agreed about the outcome of the claim, but we are pretty sure this lady learned her lesson that automotive and shampoo don’t mix well with each other.


Repairing a boiler is not a pleasant treat for any homeowners, and sometimes, it can be deadly if left unchecked. But with the amount of money involved in fixing that thing up, we can understand why most people cut corners to downsize their projected repair cost by hiring an amateur plumbing service crew.

However, this wasn’t a pretty idea, and they learned that the hard way when their boiler built up an enormous amount of pressure and subsequently destroyed a portion of their house along with a couple of several parked cars in the process. We are sure that they will refrain from hiring non-experts to a job that requires huge consideration for safety. Good thing, no one was hurt with the predicament.

Fire From Sparkler

We often see various signages when we are throwing out our garbage into a bin. However, we don’t often see a warning sign that says no fireworks in dog-waste bins. This was the hard lesson some people learned when a lit sparkler was dumped into a bin filled with dog poop. They later found out that the two didn’t mesh well with each other until they saw fire around the vicinity. The fire even took out a portion of a nearby furniture store that quickly burned into a crisp.

From the looks of things, the insurance company helped these guys back to their feet, but we are certain that they would never again mix a lit firework or sparkler with a waste bin without any extra precaution.

It Was Her Fault, Not Mine!

There’s a rule that will keep us safe on the roads, and it’s always keeping our eyes on the road. But based on the explanation that a man gave for his insurance claim, things went a little overboard.

This man was driving around the neighborhood together with her mother-in-law, and all of a sudden, the two got involved in a weird vehicular accident. The man was pulling from the side of a road and got distracted after he made a quick glance at his mother-in-law. Now we are not sure what caused him to be distracted down the scene, but they later found themselves right at the embankment on the sides of the road. Good thing, the two of them never got injured during the accident.

Warn Me Next Time

Two cars colliding with each other is never a good sight for everyone. But the good news is, insurance companies are there to help us with financial assistance if we find ourselves in that kind of situation.

However, it is noteworthy that some companies will do their own investigation to find out the real story behind an incident. One of the company drivers who got tangled up with the incident had his head in the swivel. He later stated that the car that bumped him didn’t even give him a warning of the other driver’s intention of bumping into his car. That raises one question in mind, did the other driver know what his intention was for crashing his car as well?

Attack of the Guinea Pigs

Like any other vehicle out there, cycling also poses a huge threat to some of us, especially to this dude who filed an insurance claim after breaking his arm. We are not talking about a regular crash on his bike, but it seemed like it was all because of a parade of guinea pigs that just appeared out of the blue.

Good thing, two people back his claim up, the farmer and his daughter, who are the owners of the guinea pigs. If it weren’t for them, his story wouldn’t give a lot of traction for him getting paid. Now he can use that money for his rehabilitation. To bounce back from this predicament, just be careful of what you encounter on the road.

On or Off the Ground?

Insurance companies love to take a look at the technicalities of what transpired their clients to file a claim, but this question is in a league of its own. It all happened when an unsuspecting man and his kids were just driving around their neighborhood on the way to the kids’ preschool.

Things got a little spicy when a giant buck appeared out of nowhere and smashed into the car. Luckily, no one got seriously injured during the event except for the severely damaged car. The biggest question thrown at him by his insurance company that sparked his attention was when he was asked if the buck’s feet were on or off the ground. Who would even look for the feet of an animal that suddenly appeared and smashed itself into the vehicle?

Just Setting Off Some Steam

Most insurance companies use all the minute details to their advantage just to deny a claim, and we should be all aware of that. However, there’s a company that took this to a whole new level, and it would even count as one of the funniest denial reasons on the face of the planet. Let’s take a look at their story.

A family went out for a weekend getaway, but before that, they put all their laundry in the washing machine for a spin. However, the washer was stuck in a boiling cycle, and a huge portion of the kitchen got damaged by steam. From their insurer’s standpoint, they haven’t got any coverage for steam damage, so the family went into a small claims court to settle things. The company still stood their ground and they denied the claim because steam damage was not part of the plan, but the judge sided in the family’s favor since steam and water are pretty much the same. In the end, the family got paid for the damages.

That House Hit My Car

We often see a car hit a fence of a house, but we have to agree that we rarely see a car that was hit by a house. That’s exactly what happened to a car owner when a moving company tried to move a house with a huge truck. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the house began to wobble and ultimately fell to the ground.

Unfortunately, a car was hit during the process and smashed the car to smithereens. The claim must be really hard to believe if we just look at it from the paper, but the moving company and a couple of eyewitnesses confirmed the situation, so the claim got paid.

Sorry, Hon, Our Car Was Hit By A Submarine

Land accidents involving automobiles are a pretty common sight. After all, there are millions of wheels present on the road, so we have to keep an eye for any potential threats that we may see on our way. However, there’s always a risk that lurks around the corner even if we take all the available precautions. During these situations, it is best if we have good auto insurance coverage as well.

Just take a look at a lady and her car that was just simply parked inside a port parking lot. She was just there to meet with her husband but surprised herself when a couple of Navy officers approached her about her car’s fate. Apparently, a submarine was also parked in the dock when it slipped its way, causing her car to fall into the abyss.

Horn Versus Moo!

There’s an insurance claim back in the days about a certain driver who collided his vehicle with a cow. Good thing, he was just driving at a moderate speed, and the whole commotion didn’t seriously hurt the cow nor the driver but left him with a damaged vehicle.

The driver followed the procedure and filed a claim form to his insurance company, but the wacky thing is just about to start. He answered all the necessary fields in his form and stated the events during the incident. Things were looking normal up to the point where he was asked if he did some sort of a warning, the driver answered “horn.” The next question asked was what warning the other party (the cow) did. He simply wrote a “moo.”

The Pup Flooded The Floor

This might be the reason why most property owners have a strict no-pets policy. In Wyoming, a rental property owner might implement that rule after one of her tenants’ dog overflowed the bathroom sink and flooded the whole house. It all started when this pup’s owners went outside for a quick errand run.

The tenants left their lovely four-legged friend inside the bathroom, complete with stocks such as food and water. However, their pup had another plan in mind. It found its way onto the sink, set the water stopper, and managed to turn on the water. Thus, flooding the whole residence. According to reports, the house flooring and a couple of cabinets downstairs got water damages all over.

Some Clown Hit Me!

People who get injured usually call names to those who injured them, and that’s the assumption of a claims agent when he was talking in the other line with one of his longtime clients. The incident went like this:

His client, a doctor, was hit by “a bunch of clowns,” damaging his car in the process. He was asked what happened to the car and a few details about the incident. The doctor simply replied that “some clowns” hit his car. The claims officer clarified the term clowns, but the doctor stated that the man behind the wheels is a real-life clown. He sure has a funny insurance claim story, and this would go down in history as one of the most classic ones.

The Tale of Two Dogs, Squirrel, and a Car

One lovely day, two dogs spotted a playful squirrel down the lane, and they decided to chase the little fella. They ran around the block and as we all know, survival instincts kicked in for the squirrel as it decided to run to the nearest safe spot. It managed to hide into the engine compartment of an unsuspecting car parked along the side of the road.

The two dogs were still in hot pursuit of the little rodent, which means they did everything to reach the little one under the hood. We just have to mention that these dogs (a St. Bernard and a Golden Retriever) were a little bit too much for the car to handle. At the end of the day, no one got injured, but the car owner would definitely go to the insurance company after he found his car filled with bite and scratch marks coming from the two giant dogs.

A Lovely Cherry Red Car

A man borrowed his wife’s car for an out-of-town meeting. Everything went well for him and he was already on his way home when he found himself stuck in a herd of goats sitting in the middle of the road. He wanted them to make way for him and he started doing things that he later regretted.

First off, he revved up the gas pedal, but to no avail, the goats stood their ground. He then flashed his lights, but still, the goats didn’t even move a muscle. He slowly drove his wife’s car closer to the herd and blew his horn, and that seemed to do the trick. The only problem, two of the goats went onto the roof of his wife’s car giving him a couple of dents, damaged paints, and a few scratches on the beautiful cherry red car.


Nature is full of wonders, and so are the animals that live within that ground. However, when a moose got tangled up on a swing set from the local playground, we can clearly see why experts call these animals wildlife.

From the looks of things, that moose certainly lived up to its reputation as a wild animal as it plowed its way towards a couple of houses, damaging the yards and everything on its path. The moose was able to free himself from the swing set and managed to run to the luscious woods. On the other hand, the insurance company shouldered the bill of restoring any damaged goods within the vicinity as an accidental loss.

$7,000,000 For Chest Hairs

We all know and love Tom Jones and his iconic music. He was pretty well-received especially during his prime and we can see why. He also tallied a successful run in the entertainment scenes that brought him a truck-load of money into his bank account, and what do you usually do with that kind of money? Well, how about insuring a body part just like what most celebrities do.

However, he took this approach a couple of notches by placing a $7,000,000 worth of insurance policy on his chest hairs. Surprisingly, Lloyds of London agreed with the terms and there you have it. Tom Jones officially got his chest hair insured and he’ll get tons of money back in case something happens with his beloved chest hairs.

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