50 Bizarre Laws Around the World that Will Leave You Confused

Please put on some clothes when hiking in Switzerland

Have you ever dreamt of going on a hike in Switzerland? You are not alone. What about hiking while naked? If you answered yes, then you are not alone either. Going up Switzerland’s snow-covered peaks buck-naked is an activity people used to do. Imagine going up the Swiss Alps to admire the gorgeous view, only to get an eyeful of another hiker’s backside instead!

This strange activity got so popular that officials had to remind everyone that a public indecency law is still in effect. If you are caught wandering around in your birthday suit, you will be fined for it. In 2011, a Swiss native looking for a degree of thrill and adventure hiked without clothes and was fined $100!

Wearing a suit of armor is illegal in the British Parliament

When visiting the British Parliament, either the House of Lords or in the House of Commons, please don’t come in your suit of armor. Why? Because there’s a law against it. Hold your laughter because there is a good reason why this was set in place.

This seriously medieval law dates all the way back to 1313, during the reign of Edward II of England. It might seem strange now, but back then it was implemented following a period of political turmoil. As the law states, any visiting individual should come without force and armor in order to avoid further trouble. Unless you’ve been keeping one of these suits at home and plan on causing some degree of mischief, you need not worry about this law today.

Wearing camouflage is illegal in the Caribbean

Are you military personnel in Barbados? Then make sure you don’t wear camouflage clothing in any of the island nations in the Caribbean. Otherwise, you could face prison time and you’ll need a lawyer to help you.

Sure, you may think that your cute camo tank top, or bikini, will make you look like a combination of tough, sexy, and stylish—but it can also get you jail time. This is because it’s a serious crime for civilians to wear any military-style garb on these islands. It doesn’t matter what type of garment, just leave it at home to avoid catching the ire of local authorities. While fashion is about making a statement, it’s always best to respect another country’s law instead.

Busted with the help of DNA testing.

DNA testing is a great tool to find out all sorts of information on any life-form. Whether it be humans, plants, or animals, this DNA is specific to us and identifies us from the rest. Interestingly enough, the island of Capri in Italy and its leaders are using state-of-the-art DNA technology in an unusual manner. To find out the culprit behind all the dog poop littering their gorgeous coastline.

Using this technology and with the aid of the law, local officials will be able to determine who is behind the “crime”. It is also meant to encourage dog owners to be responsible when cleaning after their pets. The fine if they get caught? €2,000 or close to $2,300 and that’s in cash, not credit.

Winnie the Pooh is banned in Poland

For many of us, Winnie the Pooh is a symbol of childhood and wonder. Sure, he’s not wearing any pants—but that’s nothing new for animated characters, right? Besides, he’s cute! Sadly, many Polish people think otherwise. They view Christopher Robin’s best friend as an “inappropriate hermaphrodite” and a mark of “dubious sexuality” for only wearing a cropped shirt and nothing else.

This is why the world’s beloved animated bear, created by A.A. Milne, is banned around playgrounds and schools in Poland. For tourists, this means that you can’t wear or bring any merchandise that has a picture of Pooh into these places. To avoid eliciting a degree of discomfort, it’s best to simply follow local customs especially if it causes you no personal harm.

Don’t bring gum to Singapore

To avoid chewing gum or bringing one in your pocket when traveling to Singapore. Otherwise, you might want to have an attorney ready because this act has been illegal in the island city-state since 1992. You can be fined if you break this law or in some cases, even receive a degree of jail time.

Why is it illegal? This isn’t because authorities hate the sound of gum-chewing. The law was created after some troublemakers messed with the Mass Rapid System using the gum. As a result, a total amount of $150,000 was spent by the House and Development Board just to fix the problem and erase all traces of it. The exceptions to the rule? Medical or therapeutic gums like nicotine and dental gums.

High heels are forbidden in The Acropolis

Above the city of Athens sits an ancient citadel called the Acropolis in Athens, or simply The Acropolis. Acropolis in Greek means, “highest point or extremity.” It is the favorite spot for tourists who want to take beautiful souvenir photos. Unfortunately for fashionistas, though, high heels are not allowed anywhere in The Acropolis.

One has to wonder why any person would wear stilettos to trek around the ancient ruins, but apparently, some folks used to. This is why a law was made in 2009 that prohibits high-heeled shoes in the famous ancient citadel. Sharp heels can damage the ruins, which said to be over 2,500 years old. So when packing for a trip to the Hellenic Republic, get travel insurance and pack comfortable shoes.

It is mandatory for Canadian radio stations to play Canadian music

In Canada, there’s a law that states each and every radio station should play songs from Canadian artists. It is a very patriotic law and shows just how supportive they are towards their own. Each radio station should, in the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., give credit to Canadian artists. This should also be done every single weekday.

So if you are a fan of Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Alanis Morissette, and Celine Dion, expect to hear over 20 minutes of tracks from them for every hour. It’s a great thing that Canada has plenty of amazing, songwriters, and musicians who call the country their home.  We certainly wouldn’t mind listening to the artists mentioned above either!

You are not allowed to stop while driving on the Autobahn

This federal-controlled access highway in Germany called the Autobahn is infamous for the degree of danger it poses. Primarily, this is because those driving on it can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour. For this reason, simply stopping because you’ve run out of gas is actually illegal. Unlike other highways, you cannot park your car on the side and walk to a station to fill up.

The reason? The German government believes that there is no excuse for a person to not make sure their vehicle has enough fuel prior to getting on the Autobahn. It is each and every car owner’s responsibility, especially given the highway’s reputation and knowing the risks involved. This law covers both nationals and tourists alike.

Only ride Scottish cows sober

In Scotland, you can ride a cow, sure—but do not ride a cow while drunk. Actually, it’s not just riding cows under the influence that is illegal in Scotland, this law also covers riding horses, along with operating a steam engine or a carriage with alcohol in your bloodstream.

This law dates back to 1872 and should be followed strictly— if you don’t want to get a ticket for bovine drunk-riding. Also, you cannot in any way or manner be found in possession of a loaded firearm after you just had that Scottish whiskey. You’ve got to give credit to the lawmakers, they really gave these laws plenty of thought.