The World’s Richest NFL Players

Tony Romi – $70 Million

Tony Romi is a retired American football player with an estimated net worth of $70 million. The starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys has come a long way since his undrafted days where he was just earning $10,000 as a free agent. Later on, he would eventually earn almost $130 million in salary, according to Celebrity Net Worth.  In fact, Romo signed a five-year $10-million endorsement deal with the apparel marketer Starter in September 2008. The following year, he reportedly dated former Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford, whom he eventually married in May 2011. It looks like NFL players are far from bankruptcy even on early retirement.

Although many observers questioned Tony Romo’s almost instantaneous ascent to the position of lead color analyst for NFL broadcasts at CBS Sports, he quickly proved his worth. By 2017, he was winning widespread critical praise for his incredible ability to read and predict plays before they happened. Not only did Tony predict plays with exceptional accuracy, but he also connected with audiences in a way that his predecessors hadn’t done.