Weird and Awesome Invention Ideas

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. Almost every human need has been met, so inventing something can be challenging. Innovating is also a two-edged sword. Sometimes it is frowned upon and laughed at. Sometimes, the inventor is hailed as a visionary and the next Steve Jobs.  But we would never know unless an invention is put out, patented, and shown to the world. While a lot of these ideas should have just stayed as an idea, there are those inventions that can take credit for solving day-to-day problems.

In this time of the pandemic, for example, a general in the Philippines required the use of a bizarre invention: a barrier between motorcycle riders. This was despite that those allowed at that time to go out were husband and wife only. So it seemed weird that a barrier was needed when masks and helmets sufficed. But since it was required, couples had to use a thermodynamically unsafe invention en route, only to find themselves at home.

Below we list down some of the coolest and weirdest inventions we can find. Scroll down and discover if your idea is already on the list!

Roller Buggy

This baby stroller and scooter hybrid are designed for males who cannot let go of their skater boy lifestyle but already have a baby to attend to. By just retracting the lower body of the stroller, the skater section could be pulled out, and you and the baby can speed merrily away. Of course, some people might be worried about the welfare of the child inside the stroller. Well, it features a hydraulic brake installed on two wheels to help the parent stop or reduce speed if necessary.  It is not recommended for very young babies either, and it should only be used for children 1.5 years and older. And, of course, speed should be limited to 9.3 mph — so flooring of the (non-existent) pedals is discouraged.

Flask Tie

Steven Anthony invented the Flask Tie, and it does exactly what you think it does. With this flask tie, you can hide a few sips of alcohol, wine, or vodka while trying to finish that work due yesterday. Some people argue that drinking alcohol while working helps get the creative juices running. It certainly works for some and it just might be a good investment; imagine what the boss will feel if she discovers that you are sipping merrily away. She could be happy, but you might find yourself jobless, after.  The Flask Tie works by filling a pouch hidden behind the tie and drinking from the snout that goes towards the neck.  One complication of this is if there is a spill and you have to ask the staff to clean it, you might get some suspicious looks.

Anti-Pervert Hairy Stocking

We know that perverts are everywhere, and it is a struggle for many women to use public transportation without being catcalled, or worse, groped while inside the train or bus. So China came up with the anti-pervert hairy stocking.  The invention looks just as described. It is a stocking printed with gross looking hair. If a woman wears this in public, perverts will definitely be staying away. But the looks might increase because onlookers might be curious as to why someone has so much hair. It is one of those inventions that you will just question why it was invented in the first place. Of course, we support the drive to protect women. But it would be better if there are fewer or no perverts instead so that women will not have to resort to inventions like these, which can lead to lawyers getting involved in a sexual harassment case.

Ping Pong Door

People nowadays live in cramped spaces, so every space has to be utilized. Apart from paying high mortgages on condos, we also have to live with the fact that we just have a few square meters of space available. The ping pong door is the answer to various problems, space constraints, and the desire to do exercise at home.  There is no need to head to the gym, where you can get exposed to COVID-19. Simply swing the door down, and it will convert to a ping pong table. The only problem we can see here is that the table might be unstable, so perhaps wooden stands might be needed so that the table does not get wobbly as the ball bounces on it.

Goggles Umbrella

Every time it rains, the challenge is to avoid getting drenched. The Goggles Umbrella offers the best protection from the rain. It can also accommodate two people comfortably. You can hide your face and a good portion of your head, so your upper body is sure to be protected. But hiding your face also hides your eyes—a problem if you are walking down the street. The Goggles Umbrella then allows you to see through the umbrella via its plastic goggles. The periscope-shaped end allows it to stand against the wall for drying. It appears to be simple, and we wonder why this was only invented now. But at least we now have this today.  Sometimes, however, due to wear and tear, the umbrella might need some form of roof repair.

Baby Mop Onesie

Kids move around all day, whether we liked it or not. They would crawl from one part of the house to another. Oftentimes, the clothes they are wearing end up catching all the dirt on the flooring of the house. So one brilliant, and perhaps frustrated, parent invented the baby mop onesie. The kids can wear this and crawl everywhere they want and help with cleaning the house. Some parents have raised concerns saying that the germs might be too close to the kids, but it should not be any different from when they wear their regular clothes. Parents just need to make sure that the clothes are properly washed, and of course, it should not be worn the whole day. And maybe parents can also educate the kids on cleanliness. Starting them young is always a good idea, after all.

Hug Me Pillow

All of us have that innate longing for human companionship, the need to belong. But sometimes, we just live alone. But even if we’re living alone, it does not have to be that lonely. The creative, albeit, creepy, hug my pillow is a perfect gift for those living the life of single blessedness. This features a pillow in the shape of a human arm, attached to half a human chest. You could hug this, while sadly looking onto the roofing of the house and contemplating your life choices. Of course, this could make rescuers confused in case of a fire or a tragic accident. They might think that there were two people at the site when there was only one.  Strangely, the pillow is mainly marketed for women, despite that there are more men who are single.

Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron

There are usually several things we do in the morning. We shower, we drink coffee, we eat breakfast, we iron our clothes, and prepare for work.  But what if you are already running late? You usually combine activities, right? So you might end up ironing your clothes while enjoying caffeine. The best way to do it is through the Ironius. It is a coffee mug that allows you to iron your wrinkled clothes.  All you have to do is to pour that steaming hot coffee into the mug and use the flat bottom to iron out the creases on your clothes. Since there won’t be any danger of fire, you can at least avoid the need to claim fire insurance benefits if you have the Ironious.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

There is always that story of a missing packed lunch at the office. Many people have resorted to various means to try to avoid this, short of locking their lunch boxes and installing home security systems in the office.  This theft deterrent lunch box retails for $4 for 25 pieces and was invented by a design company. The lunch box is nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple Ziploc but with green hues resembling that of mold. It would take someone with an iron stomach who is truly desperate to steal lunch with mold. Customers are apparently happy with this as their lunches now remain untouched by lunch snatchers. If your lunch still gets stolen after this, then your workplace is hopeless.

The Weight Watch Belt

The weight watch belt is not as outlandish as the Ab Hancer. It can actually be useful to many people. This invention works like any other belt, but this one is pre-fitted with a measuring tape. It allows users to monitor their belly size. We know that the toughest fat to get rid of is the visceral fat surrounding the belly — if it is not gas, then we don’t know what it is. With this at hand, or specifically, on the belly, you can see your belly size either expand or shrink. With that knowledge, of course, you can take the appropriate action, and maybe eat less. As the name suggests, it is merely a weight watch belt. It will not cause weight loss in the first place. Exercise is still the best way to lose that excess fat from the body.

Cutting Board Bird Feeder

The cutting board bird feeder is one of those weird inventions which will make you question what circumstances led to its invention in the first place. Perhaps the inventor was cutting bread outside the house and birds were pecking away at it? Maybe. But for those who need to cut bread, vegetables, meat, and other things while taking care of their feathered friends, there is a combo cutting board bird feeder for you. If crunched for money and payday loans are not viable, you can also DIY this by simply drilling holes on a wooden board, installing a funnel at the bottom, and putting in a feeder attached to a PVC pipe or a garden hose. Let us make the birds happy.

Football Chair

Because of the movement restrictions in place in many states, it is difficult to go to the gym or the football field to get that cardio exercise you always wanted to get. This can be solved by the football chair. This is quite literally a chair made for indoor football. The seat section of the chair is fitted with a net underneath so that the ball can be caught inside. We consider this an awesome invention because those who love football, or even those who just want to get some exercise, need not break their investment money and buy expensive equipment. Just two or three of these can be enough for the whole family to enjoy. You will not only enjoy being at home, but you can also burn some calories.

Knitted Beard Hat

Growing a decent beard takes months to happen. Plus, it can be difficult to maintain.  But having a beard gives out a more masculine vibe, and ladies love that. So how do you get a beard without the hassle of growing one out? The answer is the knitted beard hat. You not only get a beard, but you also receive a hat.  The beard and hat combo might not be good if you are attending online classes though as it can darken your face on camera and make you unrecognizable. Plus, those with face recognition phones may not recognize you when you’re wearing one of these. But as a prank or a one-off, maybe you can wear a knitted beard hat and see how much laughs you can get out of it.

Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Ergonomics is a buzzword nowadays, so inventors are coming up with equipment that is friendly to the human body. The Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs is one of those inventions. The wearable suit is shaped like a human body, complete with arms and legs so that you can slip in them whenever you are trying to sleep comfortably. This is helpful for those camping in harsh weather conditions as the sleeping bags are lightweight but provide the most warmth and comfort. There are variations for summer use as well that use breathable materials. We just worry that it might scare the bejesus out of someone because it looks like a body bag with a corpse inside. It is also cheap, so there is no need for a high credit score when purchasing camping gear.

Nose Stylus

Multitasking seems to be the norm nowadays. People will usually compute for home refinancing and taxes all while also cooking dinner. With gadgets, this has become increasingly possible. And because two hands are not enough anymore, a designer named Dominic Wilcox invented the Nose Stylus so that you can level up multitasking. With this stylus that you can strap to your face, you can take a dip in the bathtub while tapping on your phone or jotting down notes. And it can be helpful. Remember that some of the best ideas come to us in the shower.  So might as well have something we can use to write down those thoughts. Let us hope it does not cause a serious accident, however.

Pao Fit

A pao fit sounds like a dim sum with a fit, but no. It is actually a device that is designed to tone those muscles in the jaw. Cristiano Ronaldo was seen in a Japanese show endorsing and trying out this product.  While face fitness might not sound like something people will typically want to achieve, there is no harm in achieving it. After all, any calorie burned on any part of the body is welcome. It is certainly counted as an investment toward overall health and fitness. Of course, we should not stop at face fitness but must also ensure that we have cardiovascular fitness.  But if you are looking to firm up your smile lines, do some facial contouring, and turn up the corners of your mouth, then the Pao Fit is an excellent device to try.

The Fliz

Perhaps the most challenging part of biking is having to pedal. So someone invented a bike without pedals. The biker, instead of sitting on a bike seat hangs from a frame, like how you would hang from a zip line. The harness allows the biker to use his legs and hands freely. With this design, the rider will need to pace or dash, ending up traveling faster than pedaling. It is ideal if you are going downslope or even on flat surfaces. But it will be a challenge going uphill. Then again, you can simply walk up if that is the case, and you will still be connected to the frame via the harness. This invention looks appealing, and we might need to bring out our credit cards just to buy one of these.

Massage Me

What could be more relaxing than playing a console game? Being massaged while playing? Yes, definitely! This is what some designers had in mind when they came up with a “Massage Me” controller for the PS1. Massage Me allows one person to receive the message while another plays. The act of playing a game need not be a source of arguments anymore between couples. After all, both can benefit. He or she can also play other games while being massaged by the partner. It is a win-win situation for both of them.  Also, gamers say that the modified controller can also work with other game consoles.  It appears though that this invention did not have much success, as another one received that credit—gaming chairs with massagers.

Beauty And The Geek Keyboard Jeans

Wearable technology is now. And people like their gadgets mobile, that is why laptops have integrated keyboards and mice. But what if you like the traditional keyboard and mouse but want them to be mobile? Dutch designer Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit came up with a keyboard and mouse jeans combo. It has a QWERTY keyboard, a wireless mouse, and integrated speakers. For the prototype, the designers hand-stitched the computer accessories in. The concept looks enticing to a degree, as you can work anywhere because the gadgets sync through Bluetooth. It will make you appear weird, sure–but who cares as long as you are able to get the job done, right?  The price of the jeans is no joke as one will need to pony up £250 to get it.

Doryu 2-16 Camera

You may not have heard of this camera because it’s not a recent invention — in fact, it was created in the late 1950s. This cool pistol-shaped miniature camera was made by the Doryu Camera Company, a Japanese firm. It was originally issued to the police as a camera. As depicted, it looks like a weapon, and even makes loud noises. It is not exactly stealthy, and it can barely be described as spy equipment, but the design looks snappy. It also puts the word “shoot” an entirely different meaning in the context of cameras. This pistol camera is armed with a 16mm lens. It is a rare find nowadays, and one was auctioned off recently, getting a bid for $25,000. Of course, the new owner probably purchased an insurance policy for the vintage equipment.

Metal Detector Sandals

There was news recently that gold was found in the ocean, apparently from a sunken ship. Who can say that none of these gold coins has washed ashore? It will be fun and financially beneficial to find metal-based treasures while walking along the beach. This is perhaps the motivation behind the metal detector sandals. Maybe it can even be used by the military. Treasure hunting is an exhilarating hobby as you never know what you will find. It certainly is worth cracking your investment money to purchase a pair of these sandals.  Sure you might look like you have escaped house arrest or are in violation of parole, but if you hit it big and find a chest of gold coins, none of what they say will matter.

Ice Cream Cone Rotator

An ice cream cone rotator is one of those weird inventions. It is primarily designed to make ice cream eating easy by having the cone rotate automatically while you lick the ice cream. But this is counter-productive, and a finance degree is not needed to calculate the downside. You will not burn calories if your tongue is fixed in place. Also, it takes the fun out of eating ice cream.  But perhaps it can be helpful for stroke victims who want to enjoy a lick of ice cream. Given they have a restricted ability to move, the motorized cone rotator will allow them to enjoy their favorite dessert. Children can also benefit from this and will require less supervision from adults. Believe it or not, this device is actually patented in the US as a “novelty amusement eating receptacle”.

Taste Enhancing Forks

Among the symptoms of contracting the coronavirus is the loss of taste and smell. It is an unpleasant experience, not being able to enjoy the food you are eating. For those who missed their online classes in biology when this was taught, the sense of taste and smell are interrelated. You enjoy that burger because of the aroma accompanying it. Try covering your nose, and the burger tastes bland. This is what the patented taste-enhancing fork is for. By stimulating the sense of smell by releasing different aromas, the users can enjoy the flavors of the food. Its inventor, Molecule-R, did a ton of research to come up with this product, and it carefully incorporates how the taste buds recognize the five tastes while tricking the brain into perceiving the aromas on top of the flavor.


We probably all saw that episode on The Big Bang Theory, where Howard presented Leonard with an invention that could simulate kissing for couples who are miles apart. The way it works is that you kiss the device on your end, the movement is transferred and transmitted via the internet and is mimicked on the other end. MyFreeble works essentially in the same manner, but less about kissing and more of allowing parents to hold the hands of their children through the internet. If you squeeze the device on your end, the baby, to some degree, will feel the sensation on his end, as if you are squeezing his hands yourself. This can be helpful, especially for frontline workers who are far from their family members or those who are quarantined and unable to mingle with the rest of society.

Hamster Shredder

The hamster shredder is perhaps one of the best dual-function inventions made. The device is designed such that when a hamster turns a wheel, which they do all day long anyway, paper will be shredded. The paper then can serve as the bedding of the hamster. Though it may seem like you are making the hamster work for a comfortable bed, it actually does not require any extra effort on their end. The benefit is for the hamster and the one shredding the piece of paper. The only downside is if you are in a hurry, and the hamster does not feel like spinning the wheel. Or if you are shredding sensitive documents like credit reports and the hamster does not have the energy for the day.

Pet Shower Curtain

We all love giving our dogs a bath, but sometimes we hate that we become wet in the process. If you are one of those who do not like to get wet while grooming your pet, the pet shower curtain is for you. Think of the pet shower curtain as personal protective equipment that will protect you from being infiltrated by water droplets. You can take this off after the shower and wash it for future use. What it reminds me of, however, are the plastic sheets used by Dexter in the HBO series of the same name.  Scary, but useful for his purposes.  But for most of us, we probably won’t use this as we want our pets to feel our love. It does not matter if we get wet or if the floor gets filled with water, so long as we won’t need to call plumbing services.


So you just recently purchased the new Apple Airpods, and, for some reason, have a craving for some Chinese food. Well, why not accessorize your Airpods with Airsticks. This short pair of chopsticks can let you enjoy sushi. And you can also wear it along with your Airpods for a weird earring vibe. Also, one bane of Airpods is that they are easy to lose because they are small. But when a stick is attached to them, they would be harder to lose.  Many say that this invention by Matt Benedetto is unnecessary, but come to think of it, it can be pretty useful and worth the investments poured into it. After all, you are protecting your much more expensive Airpods.

Vibrating jeans

Nothing can be more annoying than a phone vibrating on your legs, especially if you are about to doze off. Imagine your whole jeans vibrating when your phone does. That is exactly what happens with the vibrating jeans.  Some designs allow the smart vibrating jeans to connect to a phone for GPS navigation directions. A battery is installed that should last years if the jeans are not used that often. The left or right side of the jeans shakes if you need to make a turn. If you are driving in the wrong direction, expect the jeans to vibrate vigorously. It appears smart in a way, but some people had criticized the invention as it can have kinky uses too. We have to give the inventors credit for coming up with this invention.

Connected tampons

We have heard of smart meters and smart cars. They can provide information on gas levels and when it is time to do maintenance checks on the engine. But until this invention, we cannot think of another invention that measured human liquids, other than when you are in a hospital. The connected tampon is designed to provide free-flowing data (see the pun?) on a female’s blood flow during the menstruation period. It is helpful because it will allow the wearer to make decisions on whether to replace the tampon or not. But it can be felt anyway. Nonetheless, being able to know the blood flow through the data being fed to the phone can become handy at times, so why not give it a try?

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