Celebrity Post-Baby Bodies Now – 9 of the Most Unusual Ways They Chose to Lose Weight Fast

Getting pregnant is one of the many joys a woman can experience. However, it brings about many changes to our bodies—including weight gain. Some, don’t mind it, while there are others who want to try and get back into shape as soon as possible. For celebs, this is the reality that they face. Apart from their talent, their image also factors into how successful they are, after.

Losing weight becomes a degree harder after giving birth. It might take months or even years before a woman can regain her pre-pregnancy shape. Perhaps, this is why we’re often left in awe whenever we spot celebrities who have managed to slim down within just a few weeks of welcome their child. How do they do it?

While there are those who managed to get their post-pregnancy bodies back quite easily, many have admitted it was one of the hardest things they had to do—outside of actually giving birth.

With that in mind, here are our favorite celeb post-baby body bounce backs!


As doctors always remind us, losing weight is all about food and exercise, with what you put in your mouth taking up 80% of the reason for either weight gain or loss. For Rachael Ray, it was normal to eat a lot of food since she is a world-renowned cook and even has her own show. By the time she reached 40 years old, her metabolism had considerably slowed, and even though she was eating healthy, she gained weight.

Losing weight became a great degree of challenge for her. She then switched her diet to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoiding ultra-processed foods so that there would be no gluten. Sometimes, she would indulge in steak and pasta, but for the most part, she only ate certain foods to limit her caloric intake. She also embraced a more active lifestyle and was able to lose 40 pounds.


As the son of Cher, Chaz Bono grew up accustomed to being famous and under the microscope. He then carved out his own niche in music. On top of all these, he is also an LGBT advocate. One might be surprised to find out that he was once a ‘she’ who underwent female to male transition. He did make the necessary investments to be able to express himself better.

There is one other thing that Bono worked hard for, and that is losing weight. At one point, he weighed about 250 pounds, and that alarmed him. In 2012, he promised to lose weight and ate only meat and vegetables, foregoing the other carbohydrate-rich food sources. This worked, and he was proud to share that he lost 60 pounds. He also gained more confidence when he became healthier. Indeed, losing weight has many benefits; one has to do it mainly for self-love and to live a healthier life.


Who is this singer rumored to have taken a $38 million mortgage on a home in preparation for getting married? Well, this is confirmed to be Adele, who is going to tie the knot soon with Rich Paul by the end of summer. Being married really does take a lot of preparation.

Before getting married, though, the singer made other types of preparations. Well, not really for this wedding, but as part of living healthy overall. Over a period of two years, Adele lost 100 pounds, mainly due to exercise and diet. She loves circuit training and eating healthy now. The singer was hardly recognizable when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram. She is also more open now about her weight loss journey, first with Oprah and then with the world. The soon-to-be bride says that this is one way of her dealing with anxiety as well.


In the early 2000s, there was a reality television show called The Osbournes. Kelly Osbourne made a name for herself when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. She was also a presenter for Fashion Police from 2010 to 2015, where she was able to gain more prominence. Eventually, she became a judge for Australia’s Got Talent and Project Runway Junior. She has proven herself to be quite excellent at what she does.

Over the years, the TV personality has gained weight – quite inevitable due to the pressures of the job. What she did was undergo gastric sleeve surgery in 2018. She described it as the best investment she had ever made. According to scientific papers, this surgery removes about 75% of the stomach. Of course, another option is to do rigorous dieting and exercising. Due to this, Osbourne lost 38.5 kilos, a rather admirable feat.


When we lose someone, usually, we take the time to process that event. As it appears, Lisa Riley did not spend that much time doing just that and has recently returned to filming Emmerdale, which ran from 1995 to 2001. For fans, this showed a great level of dedication. However, for some, this was a sign that she only showed a slight degree of care. We can all agree that Riley is a great and dedicated actress.

She has also stunned her fans over the years when she lost about 168 pounds over the years. The ITV star went from a size 28 to a 14. How did she do it? Many would think she starved herself, but that is not an accurate guess. The actress actually allowed herself to eat some treats in between. She started with soup and then went for small-portion food. Apparently, this method worked as she started seeing positive changes on the weighing scale.


Canadian-American actress Ayesha Curry is the wife of basketball legend Stephen Curry. She began her career on TV by being a guest in several shows, after which she eventually started her own cooking show. The TV personality has no cooking experience, but she did it anyway. She even wrote two cookbooks, which have been sold in many locations. Curry aligned herself with the food business, starting, among others, a pop-up restaurant and a brick-and-mortar one.

Another achievement for the actress is dropping 35 pounds over the last two years. Due to the world being locked down, many have actually gained weight, but Curry has made efforts to be active and eat healthy food. She is now showing off her new body. Don’t get us wrong, she has always looked great, but she does look better nowadays. Her investments eventually paid off.


Known for playing the character Kate Pearson in the TV series This Is Us, Chrissy Metz has gone a long way in establishing her name. Her performance in the TV series has earned her nominations for the Golden Globe and the Primetime Emmy Awards. The singer-actress has also appeared in Breakthrough and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

Just like her character, Metz has been very open about her weight loss journey. She admits that she found it difficult to deal with her weight gain, but she gives credit to her love for success as one motivating factor why she wanted to lose weight. The actress focused on eating right, so she ate in a caloric deficit, eating only 2,000 calories daily. This resulted in a weight loss of 100 pounds. Right now, we can see how the actress is comfortable in her own skin after making some lifestyle changes.


If an actress gets an award right after debuting in Hollywood, that means she is good. That is what happened with Gabourey Sidibe, who, after being seen on Precious in 2009, received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. She was on a roll, and so she also appeared in other films after this, including Grimsby, Tower Heist, and Antebellum. Sidibe holds an associate degree from a community college.

Even while still studying, she already has issues with her weight. At one time, she weighed 300 pounds and had metabolic issues. The health scare made her realize the importance of losing weight. The singer-actress then decided to stick to a very strict diet that could also help lessen the effects of her metabolic condition. She lost 150 pounds while also dealing with anxiety and stress. She considers her weight-loss journey a success.


Pierce Brosnan has always been proud of his wife, Keely Shaye Smith. Recently, he wished her wife a happy anniversary as they spent the last 21 years together. Smith has been a very busy person, having been an environmental correspondent for The Home Show for six years. She has been given honors and credits for her activism and commitment to the environment.

The journalist is not only committed to the environment but also to weight loss. In fact, she lost 100 pounds when she set her mind to it. The extra pounds started accumulating right after she gave birth to her children. Now, upon the encouragement of her husband, Smith decided she would shed the extra weight, so she started a strict diet. She also followed a detailed meal and workout plan that aided in her weight loss journey.


Despite her busy schedule, Vanessa Williams never forgets to put some attention on her body. She makes sure she has time to maintain her sexy physique by hopping on the treadmill three times a week, weight lifting. Vanessa Williams also throws a crossword puzzle – yes, because your mind needs exercise, too! The mind is like the body, the brain needs the training to grow and maintain a good state, and protect our cognitive ability from deterioration.

When it comes to her diet, the 57-year-old star doesn’t restrict herself from eating the food she wants. She just cuts down portions and stops eating whenever she is feeling full. Her cheat food is mainly New York pizza, but what she finds more deadly is when she bakes her favorite goods, like cakes, pies, and lasagna. The degree of fats these food have may be high, but Williams knows how to control herself.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana married his current husband Marco Perego in 2013. And gave birth to twins in 2014. Gave birth to their third son in 2016. How did she maintain her figure following the birth of her twins? The actress once said that she followed a strict workout that involved dance-based and boxing moves. At the same time, her fitness trainer focuses on dance-based and boxing movements, allowing her to increase her heart rate, kick, raise her legs, and build muscle.

Zoe Saldana has a good dance foundation. During the years living in Dominica, her mother put her in the best local track school to study ballet. She focused on dancing until she returned to the United States. Zoe Saldana started out in theater before getting the opportunity to star in Law & Order. Finally, in 1999 she participated in the first TV series of her life.


Melissa McCarthy has taken the form of many sizes throughout the years. She was in great shape when she was in her 20s, but she still didn’t appreciate it. Melissa McCarthy dreamt of being a size two or four when she was a child, but now that she has a family of her own, she now feels everything is a work in progress.

Just like other people who want to burn fats, McCarthy has fallen into a number of different fad diets. She opted for an all-liquid diet, resulting in losing 70 pounds in just four months. However, she promised herself she would never do it again after it made her starved and crazy half the time. Later, she started to lose weight healthily. She exercised at least five days a week for aerobic exercise and weight training. She almost gave up junk food. Most of her food is organic vegetables, lean protein, and a small amount of mixed polycarbonate.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner admitted she gained 40 pounds when she was pregnant with her first baby, Stormi Webster. Three months after giving birth, she said in a post on Snapchat she wanted to lose just half of it – 20 pounds. However, the self-made billionaire revealed she was not fond of working out but still managed to have a flat tummy. So, how did she do it?

The 23-year-old star gave credits to her genes and diet. She said she was naturally a skinny girl like her sister, Kendall Jenner, although not at a model level. Kylie had always had a flat tummy, but she felt it never went back to its usual appearance after giving birth. So, as she loved eating fattening foods like pizza, pasta, dairy, and more, she cut it all out from her diet to lose weight.


Madonna does not smoke or drink and exercises every day. And at the same time, she is a veritable yoga fanatic. Her typical recipe – breakfast: oatmeal, lunch: watercress soup, dinner: lentils, brown rice, and sauteed fish. Madonna is very enthusiastic about her longevity eating method, which is an eating method based on vegetables and grains. It is said that it is a way of eating, rather than a philosophy of life. The main point is to maintain internal balance.

She might be 62 years old, but Madonna doesn’t look her age at any degree. According to her personal trainer, Craig Smith, the Queen of Pop is very disciplined, focused, and has an unwavering work ethic. Craig Smith makes sure to vary the workouts every day, combining circuit training, interval training, and resistance training. Of course, dancing is a major part of the routine, and Madonna does it every single day.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears uses her social media account as a diary for her fitness journey. Aside from showing her fans how she gets fit, the 39-year-old star also details how she maintains her diet by revealing what she’s eating. Following this method, the singer-songwriter revealed she lost four pounds by eating fruits and vegetables that help her keep the extra weight away. Spears proudly said this method also worked well with kids.

Some foods that were on her list were carrots and celery, which are both good for the years, as well as banana, pear, and strawberry that could help fight stress. To lose weight quickly and healthily, Britney Spears, like other celebrities, follows a very strict plan. Sleeping on time and drinking plenty of water are naturally essential. But in addition, she also has some of her own little ones. tips: Yoga and meditation cultivate the soul.

Kerry Washington

After marrying her husband Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013, Kerry Washington gave birth to two children. Whether it is before or after pregnancy, her figure seems to be in good shape. She is known to be very private about her personal life and as such, she did her best to hide her pregnancy until she was no longer able to. Kerry had always been fit, but it still surprised many to see her body nearly back in shape just a couple of months after giving birth. Did she take an online class to stay fit?

Nonna Gleyzer, a personal trainer in Washington, said that the actress “has been a very healthy dieter.”She eats a lot of vegan products and with few clean meals throughout the day. Kerry Washington, 43, looks better than ever. She said exercise is part of her daily work. “I like sports. For me, it’s very important, it’s part of my family culture.

Marcia Cross

The actress is currently married to stockbroker Tom Mahoney. The actress had to undergo in-vitro fertilization to help her conceive. Marcia gave birth to fraternal twins at the age of 45 years old.  The actress gained about 65 pounds during her pregnancy but successfully managed to slim down in just five months. When she appeared in the public again, people were surprised that she could lose weight so quickly.

Marcia did interval training, along with strength and resistance training. She was then back on set in no time. Fitness has also become a part of her life. Because you want to be in front of the camera, you must do this. I have come a long way, but I am still not doing well enough. Marcia Cross performed weightlifting and running during breastfeeding in order to restore her pre-pregnancy figure. In order to regain her figure, she went through an arduous exercise process.

Brigitte Nielsen

Nielsen has five beautiful children, but she made headlines after becoming pregnant at the age of 54. There is a degree of danger in bearing a child at a late age, but the actress successfully gave birth to a healthy baby. This child was obtained through in vitro fertilization. At first, she thought that the chance of success was very slim. But in the end, she did. As for losing weight, she shared that getting pregnant was the truly hard part.

After all, they had been trying to conceive for 11 years! Brigitte Nielsen also thought that it is easy to lose weight after giving birth to a daughter. She attributed the weight loss to years of training: “I feel good, much better than the first pregnancy. This time I have experienced it. I did not lie in the hospital and did not gain 70 weight compared to the first pregnancy.

Carey Mulligan

Prior to achieving the recognition and success, she has today, Carey Mulligan’s parents were actually against her becoming an actress. They probably realized the degree of difficulty it comes with. We’re glad she remained steadfast about her dream, however, and managed to find true love despite the challenges of celebrity life. The actress is married to Marcus Mumford and they have two children together. Mulligan made headlines after it was revealed that she had actually given birth!

The media didn’t even catch her baby bump and were amazed at how she managed to film even while pregnant. As she’s always been quite petite, Carey didn’t gain much weight even after the pregnancy. However, many did notice that the subtle change made her even more beautiful. Carey Mulligan decided to adjust her diet after losing weight. Including Vitamax for breakfast, soup for lunch, and salad for dinner. About 500 calories a day, her weight dropped to about 112 pounds.

Janet Jackson

She was 50 years old when she gave birth and belonged to an advanced mother. But she was still very happy and called the child a blessing from God. Her weight loss could evidently be seen in her photos on Instagram. The singer-songwriter wanted to inspire new moms and other women to be physically active and will keep them healthy and sexy. So, how did she do this?

Jackson started her fitness journey six weeks after giving birth and doing an intense degree of workout sessions. The actress and Sybliss were training for a minimum of four times a week with a session that could last for about 45 minutes. Janet Jackson’s biggest problem is her abnormal eating style. According to insiders, “Jenny has been worrying about weight loss since she was a child. In a few months, she just ate when she saw something. Within a few months, she will strictly restrict her diet, only eating salad, fruit, and Evian bottled water.

Angelina Jolie

In an interview, Peterson, her personal trainer revealed Jolie has managed to stay in shape for over a decade by working out. But when she has to do action-packed scenes, she tweaks her work out a bit. How? The filmmaker does circuit training, which is a combination of strength and cardio. She also does two to three sets of 10 different exercises with 10-15 repetitions per workout session.

Three months after giving birth to the twins Vivienne and Knox, Angelina Jolie wore a tight black dress to attend the film’s premiere in New York. The mother of 6 children, when asked by reporters about the exercise plan to restore a good figure after childbirth, appeared to be a little evasive. Angelina Jolie attributed the reason for her good figure to often playing with the child, taking care of the child, and Choose beautiful clothes for the children. Angelina Jolie’s weight loss philosophy is to focus on protein and vegetables, and she reject sugar, adulteration and poor vitamin intake at the same time.


Mo’Nique has impressed everyone with her dramatic weight loss, going down to 217 pounds from 262. Losing 45 pounds is not easy, but the 52-year-old has set another goal for herself – to drop another 37 pounds. Although her weight continuously fluctuates, plunging from 206 to 211, Mo’Nique still sees herself as a thick girl. However, she clears that all she wanted is to have a healthy weight.

On her namesake show, the comedian told her audience that keeping the weight off is a constant commitment they have to follow religiously.  She revealed she had worked very hard to lose the pounds while emphasizing her new-found curves, wearing a very flattering black dress.  So, how did she do it? She has been training with her own trainer at a gym five times a week, making her body her own investment.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez continues to look stunning even at the golden age of 50 years old. The award-winning singer, actress, and performer doesn’t seem to age and always manages to deliver a dynamic performance. Other than the fact that one of her investments in happiness is her relationship with former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Lopez also has twins to keep her youthful.

She gave birth to twins when she was 39 years old and gained weight following it. Jennifer then began the journey to shedding some of it off by doing light walking workouts for the first four months. Lopez later trained for a triathlon and competed in a race just seven months after giving birth. This just shows how powerful a woman can truly be. Faced with some important occasions, she will carry out the “10-day challenge of breaking sugar and carbs” to make the figure more compact and the lines more obvious.

Blake Lively

The famous role of Serena Van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl was played by Blake Lively for a total of six seasons. Focusing on the life of a group of upper-class teenagers in the upper east side of Manhattan in New York City, this paper tells the stories of gossip, love, and hate during their study in the noble school. After the show ended, the actress continued to have a great and successful career, thanks to her talent and versatility. Prior to the series, Lively had already appeared in the widely-popular coming-of-age film, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Lively went on to marry fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds. The degree of chemistry between them is enviable! During the premiere of Reynold’s film, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Lively was clearly sporting a baby bump. Just three months after welcoming their third, the actress was on the red carpet of her film The Rhythm Section. As you might expect—she was looking fit and slim again!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman kept a slim figure even when she was pregnant. She reportedly swears by the eight-hour diet, which is said to be the latest craze in Hollywood. Fitness gurus are also raving about this diet’s benefit, fasting for 15 hours and only eating with the eight-hour window left. This will help the body to be in a fat-burning mode that will help Kidman to lose weight.

Aside from the 53-year-old actress, Hugh Jackman is also, allegedly, a fan of this method. They usually eat breakfast at 10 a.m. and take their last meal before 6 p.m. Australian nutritionist Lee Homes said in an interview that people have been doing intermittent fasting unconsciously. From the time they sleep at night to the morning, they open their eyes; they have been fasting to a certain degree. It is why the first food they eat in the morning is called breakfast, as wordplay for “breaking the fast.”

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is known for her roles in science fiction and action movies. Aside from her great skills in acting, Jovovich was also listed by Forbes as one of the highest-paid models in the world back in 2004. The actress is known to always put her all in any project or venture she decides to pursue. Knowing her dedication, it didn’t come as a shock when Jovovich managed to lose her pregnancy weight soon after giving birth.

While she was pregnant, the actress admitted to having three peanut butter and jelly bagel sandwiches a day! Jovovich weighed 192 lbs. at her heaviest, but with credit to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, she was able to lose a total of 62 lbs. in just 5 months. Milla Kivovich ever said, I love making independent movies, and that’s pretty much what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my years. Let’s look forward to her next film.

Halle Berry

Before she got into acting, Halle Berry first worked as a model, then became a beauty queen. She has been named the most beautiful woman by the famous American magazine People’s Magazine 11 times. She finished as a first runner-up when she joined Miss USA and placed sixth in Miss World back in 1986. This is why it isn’t news to the public that Berry takes very good care of her body and her health.

When Halle Berry got pregnant and gave birth to her first child, she was able to easily lose weight. Berry has shared that there is no secret to how she managed to do it. Instead, it was breastfeeding and taking care of her child that led her to her weight loss. Despite being busy, she always made investments toward caring for her family. This balance helped her stay healthy.

Serena Williams

Most people assume that athletes have it easy when it comes to losing weight. This isn’t always the case, however. For the tennis champion, it was actually quite a struggle. After Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter Olympia, she began the tedious process of bouncing back. The tennis star thought breastfeeding and following a strict vegan diet would help, but she kept on gaining. She said that she was eating a healthy diet, and she did not was that weight of not breastfeeding.

Her husband, Alex Ohanian, did help and support her through the process—but the battle was mostly with herself. Fortunately, after she stopped breastfeeding, the weight began to drop. It had been quite the journey, but her degree of discipline never wavered. That’s on her being “super”— both as an athlete and as a mother.

Kim Kardashian

Socialite and famous-TV personality Kim Kardashian is known for many strange and different things. The aspiring lawyer, however, is also a doting mother to her children. In fact, one look at her social media will tell you everything. If she’s not at events, you can find her spending time with her kids at home. She married rapper Kanye West and when she had their first child, Kim gained a significant amount of weight. In fact, during her pregnancy, she seemingly went into hiding to avoid the paparazzi.

All this is due to the Atkins Diet, which is often heard as a low carbohydrate diet, which is to eat a lot of high protein food, reduce or even do not eat carbohydrates, regardless of the number of calories you eat. Not too long after, she was able to bounce back and looked fitter than ever. There are no surgeries involved here, though! Kim admits that she simply followed the Atkins diet and worked-out, which really helped with her weight loss.

Julia Roberts

The actress who is well-known for having great discipline when it comes to her career applies the same ideals to her lifestyle. This includes maintaining her health while pregnant. Losing the weight was not a problem for Julia, but she has said that going back to her routine was the hardest part. She likes to mix pork belly, broccoli, pistachio, Manchego cheese with poached eggs, and add red wine vinegar to mix into her favorite salad style.

Julia Roberts is a restless person, she will spend some time with the bike every day, about 40 minutes. She will find complex road conditions, sometimes sprinting, sometimes slowly uphill, sometimes diving downhill, letting the whole body get exercise. 40 minutes of riding time consumes 400-500 kcal, which is twice as much as 40 minutes of jogging time. However, if you pay too much attention to skill, uphill, downhill, and turn, your arm and leg muscles will become very strong.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike is an English actress. Pike began her career appearing in stage productions such as Romeo and Juliet and Skylight. However, she had a hard time getting into performance art schools. Eventually, she earned a place at Wadham College, Oxford, and graduated with an Upper Second-class honors degree. She then continued theatre work and in 1998, made her debuted in TV and film.

One of her biggest roles to date is Amy Dunne in the neo-noir film Gone Girl. The movie won multiple awards and during one of its red carpet events, Pike was visibly pregnant. She surprised many after managing to lose the baby weight soon after. Though, it must be noted that the actress has always been quite slender.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the industry. However, being in her position isn’t all roses. Whilst she has received plenty of opportunities to portray varying roles in film, she also had to maintain her physique and overall image for it. The actress gave birth to a daughter back in 2014 and surprised fans, as well as critics after she managed to drop the baby-weight just months after.

During this period, Scarlett Johansson became a mother. In order to take both filming and family into consideration, the coach arranged special training for her. Each time, she had to do intensive exercise for 3-6 weeks. It can not only exercise muscles but also maintain an attractive body shape. At the same time, it can cope with the action scenes of the black widow, so as to meet the requirements of the black widow’s ability to lift 500 pounds.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is beloved by many not just for her looks. She’s also well-known for her smarts! Prior to becoming part of the Royal Family, she received a degree in art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This is where she met the Prince of Wales, William. The couple eventually got married in 2011 and currently have three children together. Given their status, the family lives part of their lives in the public eye. This is why Middleton raised eyebrows after losing the baby weight quite quickly after giving birth.

Some questioned the means she took, but Kate gives credit to the Dukan Diet, which focuses more on lean proteins, for helping her bounce back. At the beginning of slimming, the intake of carbon water should be strictly limited. After the body and appetite gradually stabilized, she gradually ate low-carbon oats and fruits, among which low starch vegetables, fruits, and oats are the main products.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has been acting since her youth. The actress is known for her role in Lizzie McGuire, which made her a household name. Duff has since gotten into both singing and acting. She has even authored books, which is an investment that helped her career further. The actress is known to have always been disciplined when it comes to her weight. Duff has even admitted that she used to always watch what she ate and did a lot of exercises.

However, this changed when she found out she was expecting her first child. Needless to say, Duff saw it as a pass to eat whatever she liked. Though she went all out during her pregnancy, she did work hard to get fit after. Although Hilary likes sandwiches very much, she knows that she must control the quantity and eating time. She increases the proportion of fruits, vegetables, and protein in her diet and reduces the intake of carbohydrates.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr grew up in an environment where appearance didn’t really matter. Kerr shared that there was no real pressure to maintain a certain weight or appearance. This was such a huge difference from what she experienced after becoming a model. Fortunately, she managed to maintain an ideal weight as a model without suffering from dieting.

Did you know that before she became a model, Kerr pursued a degree in nutrition and psychology? These days, she is known to be one of the biggest and highest-paid models in the fashion industry. Her professionalism when it comes to her work is legendary. She even went back on the runway just two months after giving birth! The secret to her quick weight loss? Yoga, breastfeeding and eating healthy. Kerr follows the “5:2” rule when losing weight. It doesn’t mean one day, but five days in a week, eating slightly healthy food, and the remaining two days maintain the food intake at about 800 calories.


Shakira is now 43 years old, but she continuously wows everyone with her unchanging body. From the time she got people’s attention in 2001 with her hit song, Whenever, Wherever, the Colombian beauty still has the same beauty and physique. So, what’s her secret? Shakira has a workout routine and diet that are not for the faint of heart. If you want to follow this, you should have your health insurance ready, as things might get quite intense.

The singer-songwriter does dance interval training, starting her Monday morning with a 90-minute sweat session. As a belly dancer, this workout is not a problem at all. She also mixes up her activities across strength training, swimming, and HIIT. For her diet, Shakira only eats fresh food, small meals, lots of protein, and enjoys an occasional treat. She drinks a lot of water, never drinks, only decaffeinated coffee.

Naomi Watts

British actress and film producer Naomi Ellen Watts made her debut in For Love Alone, an Australian drama released in 1986. Watts became famous internationally after starring as an aspiring actress in the psychological thriller Mulholland Drive in 2001. The actress has been in the industry for over 30 years and has multiple blockbusters to her credit.

Hollywood is also where she met her former-partner American actor Liev Schreiber. They have two children together. The actress had once shared that she didn’t pressure herself into losing pounds after having her son Alexander. She simply continued to exercise, which was already in her daily routine. Her trainer, Rob Parr, was instrumental in how she managed to get her ideal weight back. Her three meals are based on high-quality protein and vegetables and use sweet potato and brown rice instead of refined starch. She does not eat snacks between meals. If she is really hungry, she can only add some fruit or protein.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, not to mention in terms of body. At 54 years old, the Mexican-American star manages to maintain her stunning physique. She is an inspiration to many, and her fitness is definitely the goal. So, how does she do this?

Number one on the actress’ list is juice. Aside from her balanced diet, Hayek is fond of juicing to make her body is red-carpet ready. It is also her way to reset her health. Surely, you’ll be surprised by this. She never restricted herself to eat anything. As an avid fan of eating and cooking, she eats everything she wants. She maintains a good degree of posture, walks her dog for some exercise, and does short but regular workouts.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch supermodel, actress, and philanthropist. She started her career in 2003 in the Netherlands, before she was sent by her agency to New York. The model is known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and for being the face of many designer brands. She is also one of the world’s highest-paid models, earning an estimated amount of $5 million per year. One must wonder how high her credit score is.

One might think that pregnancy would put a stop to her career given the weight gain, but not for Doutzen. In fact, she was able to get back in shape just in time to walk the VS runway. Not only is she a supermodel, but she is also one super mom.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is well-loved by her fans for her outspoken nature, her wit, and humor. The model has always been known to be vocal about the causes she stands for and has always shared her views and opinions regarding relevant matters on social media. Teigen is married to world-renowned singer John Legend and they have two children together.

Chrissy has always advocated for body positivity. The former model cares little about being “too big” for some people and has the perfect clap backs each time someone criticizes her online. Did you know she has a set of cookbooks to her credit? While Cravings has many indulgent recipes, Chrissy maintains her weight by making healthy meals and staying active, with thanks to her kids.


Pink has always made it a point to inspire fans to accept who they are and always work to improve themselves. She walks the talk, too, and this can be seen in the way she lives her life. After giving birth, she remained unbothered by the comments about her weight and appearance. Instead, the singer focused on getting healthy.

She trained five times a week with Jeanette Jenkins, the mastermind behind the Hollywood Trainer DVD series. Jenkins is a well-known celebrity fitness trainer who has also helped other stars get back into shape. Pink also followed a healthy meal plan, on top of exercising, to maintain her ideal weight. Given her current physique, these investments have certainly paid off for the artist.

Amber Stevens West

Amber Stevens West is an American actress best known for her roles in Greek, The Carmichael Show, and Happy Together. The actress is married to Andrew J. West and together, they have one child. Trying to lose weight while working, must have been quite a challenge for her. However, Amber managed to do it within four months! So, how did she do it?

Amber practiced yoga and kept her diet clean. The actress also shared that she loves drinking green juice and snacking on almonds, which helps keep her away from being tempted by junk food. She also mentioned eating Fuji apples to satisfy her sweet cravings. Remember, choose the right “gas” to fuel your weight loss. Start by changing the food you eat!

Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris is an Australian model who got her big break after shooting with famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour. The model, who currently lives in Australia, had been the face of many top brands and walked numerous shows during fashion weeks. It might have been years since she made her debut, but the model has managed to stay fit.

She once said that her secret is working out diligently and eating healthily. Even during her pregnancy, the model stayed active by safely working out four times a week. Harris also gives credit to her nutritionist Christine Avanti who gave her a diet that helps burn fat and save muscle. Her husband was also very supportive throughout the process, joining her on hikes and outdoor walks.

Troian Bellisario

American actress Troian Avery Bellisario is widely known for starring as Spencer Hastings on the hit TV series Pretty Little Liars, which ran from 2010 to 2017. The actress has been in the acting industry since the age of three but decided to pursue academics as she got older. Bellisario eventually earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern California in 2009. The actress also worked on a number of projects in between, until she was cast on Pretty Little Liars.

Her blooming career led her to meet Patrick J. Adams. The two later got married and now have one child together. Troian managed to bounce back within ten months of giving birth, thanks to her yoga practice.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet loves to eat food that will nourish her body. She opts for gluten-free food, although she’s skeptical about it at first. The 52-year-old star seems to make an investment in healthy food that will keep her in not only shape but also get her family’s health in check. She will buy freshly-baked gluten-free sourdough every week, and their breakfast will be composed of seasoned bone broth, scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, and toasted sourdough bread with raw butter.

When it comes to fitness, she loves dancing. She took an African class dance that she lives for. She just did it one, and now, she has been doing it regularly for seven years. Bonet also does Pilates twice a week, yoga once a week, and goes to the gym twice a week.

Keri Russell

American actress Keri Lynn Russell became famous after playing the role of Felicity Porter from the drama series Felicity, which aired from 1998 until 2002. She has since been in many other projects and received much credit for her work. The actress married Shane Deary in 2007 and had two children with him. They parted ways in 2013. At present, she is in a relationship with Matthew Rhys, and together, they have one child.

The actress, who is known for her fit body, once had to hide her pregnancy while shooting a film. Russell had to wear a lot of clothes to hide her growing baby bump. What’s even more impressive is how she was able to walk the red carpet just weeks after welcoming her third child!

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is an American reality-TV personality, entrepreneur, and author. She is known for her glam photos at the beach and flaunting her fit body, which many women also aspire to achieve. Bethenny even made headlines after donning a size-4 swimsuit during one of her outings. This wouldn’t surprise many, usually, but the photo was taken three weeks after she gave birth to her daughter Bryn in 2010!

The reality-TV personality shared that she put investments toward doing yoga and maintaining healthy eating habits even while she was pregnant. Something that might be hard for some to do, given the cravings women experience. Bethenny also did well when it comes naturally working off any weight she did gain during pregnancy.

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is a Polish American model, actress, and animal rights, activist. The actress is best known as the host and head judge of Top Model in Poland. Aside from hosting, she has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami. Being a well-known model, she is one of those who consider their figure as an investment.

Krupa still proudly showed off her curves while pregnant with her first child, Asha-Leigh Presley Nunes. Even with a growing bump, the model still managed to make any place look like a runway. Two weeks after giving birth, Krupa sported a body-hugging little black dress at a poker tournament. Now we’re just waiting on online classes that’ll clue us into her weight loss secrets!

Alessandra Ambrosio

She’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for 13 long years and has made a name for herself by having one of the most enviable figures in the industry. It’s safe to say that her face and body are some of her biggest assets, which is why Alessandra is also quite strict about maintaining it.

As a testament to the degree of professionalism she has, the supermodel managed to lose the baby weight within just three months of giving birth. If you think she did it using unhealthy means—you are wrong. Instead, she went for portion control. Alessandra also switched to brown rice instead of white and added more salads to her diet. She managed to lose roughly 45 lbs. through this diet.

Diane Kruger

As a young girl, actress Diane Kruger was often sent to student exchange programs by her mother to help her improve her English. There weren’t many online classes back then, compared to how things are now. Kruger later developed an interest in ballet as a career and auditioned for the Royal Ballet School in London. However, the actress sustained a knee injury and had to quit.

Fortunately, she got into acting and was received successfully. In 2018, the actress got pregnant with her first child. Just five months after giving birth, she posted a photo of her well-toned body. While she has always been fit, the actress did say that getting her abs back took a lot of hard work.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has been in the industry for over two decades. The 41-year old actress has gotten into acting, writing and has even put investments toward her different businesses. She has also received much praise for her work, as well as for her looks. Her romantic life has been quite colorful, but these days, she enjoys a more private life with her partner Danny Fujikawa and her three children.

Most people would say that pregnancy gives Kate a particular glow. She also handles her pregnancies quite well and isn’t the type to rush weight loss. If anything, Kate is perfectly fine with weight gain. The actress does promote living a healthier lifestyle, which likely helps her with getting back into shape.

Claire Danes

American actress Claire Danes received recognition as an actress, with thanks to her portrayal of Angela Chase in the drama series My So-Called Life. The role won her a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy nomination. Before she got into acting, Claire had to work on a degree in Psychology for almost two years, but decided to switch gears and try her luck in Hollywood. This paid off for her, fortunately.

The actress later got married to English actor Hugh Dancy and the couple has two children together. She managed to lose weight just 6 weeks after giving birth, which surprised many. You don’t need online classes to achieve the same, though! Claire’s advice is to follow a healthy diet and work out regularly.

Pippa Middleton

Philippa Charlotte Middleton is an English socialite, author, and columnist. Middleton gained public attention after appearing as the Maid of Honor during the wedding of her sister Kate and Prince William of Wales. She didn’t just gain the affection of the public, however, she also won over James Matthews’ heart—her current husband.

James works as a hedge fund manager and given his knowledge when it comes to investments, we can be certain that their finances are going well. This should allow both of them to focus more on their health. Especially Pippa, who had managed to get back in shape within a month of giving birth to their son! While she has always been quite slim, this feat is still very impressive.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has been working in Hollywood since she was six years old. If her last name seems familiar, that’s because she is the daughter of Aaron Spelling. Despite her background and the connections her father has in the industry, she managed to establish a name for herself as a talented actress.

Tori first gained attention through her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210. To prove how passionate she is about her craft, she even took acting lessons to better herself! However, people mostly focused on her thin frame. When she gained weight after pregnancy, Tori switched up her diet and worked out 5-7 days a week. She lost 40 lbs. within a short period of time and is looking much healthier.

Heidi Klum

German-American model, TV host, producer, and businesswoman Heidi Klum is the first German model to become a Victoria’s, Secret Angel. After she graduated from school, she decided against pursuing a fashion degree and accepted a modeling contract. Heidi has since been on the cover of multiple magazines and even received awards as a TV host. Klum has 4 children with her former spouse and also recently married musician Tom Kaulitz.

The model maintains her perfect figure, even after giving birth by following a two-week program made by David Kirsch called The Ultimate New York Body Plan. It requires working out for an hour and a half to two hours a day. This workout allowed Klum to walk the runway just two months after giving birth.

Meghan Markle

Former actress Meghan Markle is known for playing the role of Rachel Zane on the American legal drama Suits, from 2011 until 2017. Markle had to retire from acting after getting engaged to Prince Harry of Wales. The couple got married in 2018, which earned Markle the title of Duchess of Sussex. The couple has since had one son, Archie.

The former actress has also been adamant about her decision to not worry too much about what people might say about her pregnancy weight. She is an advocate of putting more importance on what we think and how we feel about ourselves. This is one of the reasons why so many look up to her, after all. For it, she deserves much credit.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is a member of Destiny’s Child, singer-songwriter, and TV personality. Destiny’s child was one of the world’s best-selling girl groups and all of its members were able to start solo careers for themselves during its hiatus. The group has already earned much in terms of investments, even after their disbandment in 2006.

Despite her success, she chose to take time off to focus on motherhood. According to Rowland giving birth and having to deal with her body post-partum has been very difficult. The singer suffered from diastasis recti after giving birth and was having a hard time getting back in shape. Instead of pushing herself, Kelly took things bit by bit and made investments toward a healthier lifestyle.

Jenny McCarthy

American actress, model, TV host, and author Jennifer McCarthy Wahlberg may have been bullied when she was a teenager but she didn’t let that stop her from succeeding. She began her career in 1993 as a model for a men’s magazine. The actress received credit for doing hosting jobs before eventually landing roles on various TV shows.

Given her history as a model, McCarthy is quite disciplined when maintaining her body. The only time she put on some weight was when she gained 80 pounds while pregnant with her son. The actress felt pressured by the weight gain but with the proper diet, controlling her calorie intake, she was able to lose those pounds. It wasn’t an overnight process, but it was certainly effective.

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Olivia Benson on the drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, having been on the show since 1999. Playing the role of such a focused character in the series, Hargitay is also as tough and determined in real life.

The actress gained 54 pounds while pregnant with her son August. The actress worked with trainer Jay Wright to help her lose some of the weight. Hargitay worked out for an hour, three days a week at the gym and on other days, the actress did cardio on her own. Hargitay also gives credit to her diet which consisted mostly of fresh products and low carbohydrate intake.

Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh is, perhaps, best known for being an heiress. Audiences will remember the actress for her appearance in the TV series Made in Chelsea, The show went on for five seasons and received many major awards since it began airing. It chronicles the life of West London’s “rich kids”, giving viewers a peek into their lavish lifestyles.

Millie met her current husband Hugo Taylor on the show. The couple has a daughter together. Given the work she does, Mackintosh worked hard to immediately lose the pregnancy weight. Five weeks after giving birth, the reality star was already showing off her weight loss on social media! While Millie had always been quite slim, the short period in which she lost the baby weight is certainly impressive.

Jenna Dewan

American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is most known for her role as Nora Clark in the film Step Up. The actress used to be a back-up dancer for numerous celebrities, including the likes of Janet Jackson, P!nk, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera before she landed her first film role. It was also where she met Channing Tatum, her ex-husband. The two seemed to have such a fruitful relationship, but eventually separated ways after years of being together.

The actress has two children and being a mother seems to come naturally for her. This includes managing her weight and appearance, despite being busy with raising her son Callum. If only there were online classes that would help us achieve the same!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Michelle Seyfried was enrolled at Fordham University and pursuing a degree before she was offered a role in Mean Girls. Despite the obvious risk she took, it all paid off for her in the end. The movie became a cult classic and propelled the young actress into stardom. She had done modeling prior to accepting the role, but nothing compares to the Hollywood career she has since established.

Now all grown up and a mother to two children, Seyfried remains as youthful as before. She also never hid her baby bump or was ever shy about her weight gain. In fact, just months after giving birth, the actress was able to bounce back. That’s thanks to the work she put into her weight loss regimen!

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed is an American actress, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter. Reed is best known for her role as Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga. The actress was first welcomed to the industry after being invited to a script reading. This helped her land a pivotal role in the semi-autobiographical film Thirteen. Another fact about the actress is that she is vegetarian, which helps her stay healthy and fit.

When she got pregnant, Nikki continued to practice a healthy lifestyle. In fact, just a month after giving birth, she was already back to doing yoga stretches with her brother. Many wondered if she had even been pregnant at all because of how slim she looked. Perhaps it’s time we looked into online classes for yoga as well!

Olivia Wilde

American-Irish actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde starred in the popular medical drama, House from 2007 until 2012. The actress is a proud pescatarian, which helps maintain her great physique and overall health. Olivia is also a staunch supporter of universal health, which is just one of the many causes she consistently advocates for.

When the actress got pregnant with her first child, she once referred to her baby bump as a badge of pride and strutted on the red carpet flooring with heels on, no less! After she gave birth, Olivia worked to slim down and return to peak health. We’re sure she didn’t need to do much because chasing around a toddler and the family dog was a work-out in itself.


Fergie is a well-known singer, songwriter, and rapper all around the world. The singer had released multiple hits and was one of the biggest stars of the 2000s. Fergie, who is known to practice an active lifestyle, didn’t let her pregnancy hinder her from doing what she loves. With careful planning, she was able to continue going on hikes with her partner—despite her growing belly. Not only did this help her health, but it also kept her fit.

Along with her husband, Josh Duhamel, the couple attended many events where she proudly showed off her pregnant belly. The singer also gives credit to her belly-dancing yoga when it comes to maintaining her weight post-baby. It’s clear how much work she puts into staying fit!

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes always looks beautiful. She has a very toned body despite having two kids with her long-time partner, Ryan Gosling. Credits to her love for working out, the 46-year-old star doesn’t have any problem maintaining her sexy physique. She loves doing this as it allows her to have more time with herself. It is a priority for the actress to work out an hour a day. She also makes sure she’s eating as clean as possible.

Mendes revealed she loves doing intervals. She sees excellent results doing running and sprinting than doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardio. She also lifts weight and squats. Mendes does these things three times a week, but she makes it five times a week if she has to get ready for something.

Kendra Wilkinson

American TV personality and model Kendra Leigh Wilkinson made a name for herself after appearing in the popular reality-TV series The Girls Next Door. It documented her life with Hugh Hefner, along with other models, while living at his lavish mansion.

Given the nature of her career, Wilkinson’s body is one of her biggest investments. Since then, the model had two children and admitted that losing the extra 55lbs of pregnancy weight took a lot of work. Because she was previously an athlete, Wilkinson thought shedding pounds would come easy. To get started, she focused on dieting and exercising. The road wasn’t easy, but given the degree of determination Kendra had, she was able to see results just five months after.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is a British-American actress. Did you know that from a young age, she had a stuttering difficulty? The actress was able to overcome this, however, thanks to her acting teacher. At 16, she went to Hurtwood House, a private sixth form college known for its performing arts program. Here, Blunt was scouted by an agent before she could take up a degree in university.

The actress began her successful film career in 2001 and started dating her current husband in 2008. The couple has two daughters together, but she has always stunned the public by how gracefully she manages to bounce back after each pregnancy. Her secret? Exercise and a healthy diet. Nothing beats those two when combined!


Beyoncé made a gorgeous comeback after childbirth and appeared in the famous American slimming magazine “America’s Shape”, sharing her mental journey of gaining 57 pounds due to pregnancy and successfully losing weight. By the way, she used to weigh 218 pounds after giving birth to her twins in 2017. At the same time, she confessed that 80% of the weight loss comes from strict dietary control. During the weight loss process, she even gave up her favorite pasta.

Also, Beyoncé used to weigh 175 pounds in 2018. But as she was set to headline Coachella at the time, she had to lose Marco Borges’ 22 Days Nutrition Program-weight as fast as possible.To do this, the 39-year-old star started for 44 days to get back into shape. Talking about her diet on her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, Beyoncé revealed she avoided eating carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, and alcohol. She admitted it made her hungry.

Mila Kunis

The Ukraine-born American actress moved with her family to the United States at the age of seven, so she can pursue a career in acting. Fortunately for Mila Kunis, the risk was worth it. She would later become one of the stars in That 70s Show, alongside actor Ashton Kutcher. Who would have thought that she would eventually marry him and have children together?

After giving birth to their kids, Wyatt and Dimitri, Mila has put on a bit of weight. Given that she’s a bit of a foodie, it had been difficult for the actress to shed some pounds in the beginning. We have to credit her for choosing a healthier lifestyle, instead of dieting too much just to bounce back. She is mainly practicing yoga and supplemented by walking. She will take her daughter along during the walk. She said she wanted to try more intensive exercises if she got the doctor’s permission.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham was a former singer and member of the girl group Spice Girls. Posh Spice focused more on her family and her investments in her brand after leaving the group. She married superstar athlete David Beckham in 1999, the same year they had their son Brooklyn. Being a famous couple, they were not spared from judgment by both the public and the media.

Victoria was once criticized for being too skinny, even after giving birth to their son. However, she had always been quite slim and did not put on weight as easily as others. After the birth of her fourth child, however, Victoria did try out the Five Hands Diet. This allowed her to slim down, just in time for Fashion Week. Five hands diet refers to eating only five portions of a small amount of food per day, mainly high protein content.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, at only 11 years old, managed to convince her mother to take her to an acting competition where the prize was free acting classes. Alba won and was signed by an agent 9 months after. It’s this persistence that helped the actress become one of the biggest names in the industry. Of course, she’s also among the most beautiful.

Now that she’s a mother of three, the actress focuses more on raising her family as well as growing her business. Many wonder how she’s able to stay fit despite such a busy lifestyle. According to the actress, chasing her kids around and doing full-body workouts does the trick. Currently, she has investments in the documentary Parenting Without Borders.

Anne Hathaway

Award-winning actress and singer Anne Hathaway is loved by many in the industry. The actress has a lot of films to her credit and is also known to play roles in various genres. Her professionalism and dedication to her work are undeniable, and the fact that she always manages to dazzle on the red carpet is just a bonus. Hathaway certainly looked gorgeous while cradling her baby bump during the premiere of Modern Love.

Anne Hathaway, who had been slimming for Les Miserables, revealed that she had lost about 7 kilograms of weight after eating only oatmeal a day for two weeks before filming. After giving birth to a child, Anne Hathaway did not take such drastic weight loss methods, but she is still a follower of a vegetarian diet. Not only does she not eat meat and animal by-products, but she also doesn’t touch desserts.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is now 44 years old, but she still looks like the young Elle Woods from her iconic film series Legally Blonde. She has successfully maintained a healthy and sexy body throughout the years. Will you believe she now has three kids?

In an interview, Witherspoon revealed she doesn’t believe in a crash diet. She maintains her figure by working out all the time, not just to look beautiful but to stay healthy, too. The actress enjoys small healthy meals and snacks every day. She now avoids alcohol and does 30 minutes of cardio six days a week. You will also often see Witherspoon running and biking around Los Angeles as a form of her exercise – a method that helps her save up on gas for traveling.


Compared to other Hollywood actresses who opted to follow grueling diets and workouts, Tracee Ross chose to pursue a more subtle regimen to lose weight. The 48-year-old star shared her diet and exercise on Instagram, and it is a very relatable one, composed of simplicity and positivity.

Without the need for her credit card, Ross works out three times a day at home. She mostly focuses on circuit-style resistance training, but she sometimes switches it up with other workouts, like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. For her diet, Ross follows a joyful, balanced eating method and drinks plenty of water. She loves simple, whole food and avoids dairy and gluten, believing that what she is eating is making her “feel good from the inside out.”

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