Leonardo Dicaprio – BELIZE RESORT, $1.75 Million

Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt have a lot of things in common. Both are A-list actors whose names are established in every household. They belong to the list of highest-paid actors, which makes them legible to purchase pretty much anything they desire. It’s a good thing, though, that both men are wise financial decision-makers.

Dicaprio, who is known for his iconic role as Jack in Titanic, has earned multiple awards from his numerous movies and endorsement deals. The Wolf of Wall Street actor is also a known businessman and has an eye for potential business opportunities, which help in increasing his $260 million net worth. In terms of personal properties, DiCaprio’s Belize private island is one for the books. The huge mansion, which spans over 104 acres, was bought for a staggering $1.75 million. It has 72 villas and residential homes containing eco-friendly facilities such as solar panel roofing, solar desalination, and rainwater filtration. Called the Belize Blackadore Caye, the property is still set for renovation and construction of more facilities to add to its sustainable atmosphere.