These Celebrity Kids Have Made Their Parents Proud Of Their Stunning Success

Matthew Trebek – Alex Trebek’s Son

At 13 years old, Alex Trebek already had a job. He worked as a bellhop at the hotel his father worked as a chef. With that in mind, it’s safe to say this experience helped him develop the work ethics he has since followed throughout his career in the entertainment industry. Despite the work he has done under the spotlight, however, we can all agree that Alex’s greatest achievements were made outside of work.

With his wife Jean Currivan, Alex became a happy parent to Matthew Trebek, his only son. Like his celebrity father, Matthew began working during his teens, though he did so when he was already studying for his college degree. Thanks to his time entertaining guests as a bartender, Matthew decided to make a living as a restaurateur. In fact, he already launched a Mexican street food restaurant called Oso in 2015, followed by the cocktail lounge Lucille’s in 2019!