Jada Pinkett Smith

At a young age, Jada Pinkett Smith already had quite a passion for all things related to art. Along with her piano, tap, ballet, and dance lessons, Jada eventually added acting to her skill set. After finishing her studies as a dance and theater major, Jada wasted no time beginning her career in the entertainment industry.

Debuting her journey under the spotlight with her role in a True Colors episode, Jada has since garnered widespread recognition for her performance in titles such as A Low Down Dirty Shame, Jason’s Lyric, and The Matrix films. Besides acting, Jada has also made investments in other endeavors, including her music company 100% Women Productions, the Maja fashion label, and her children’s book Girls Hold Up This World. In more recent years, though, Jada has become most known for her hosting gig on the online talk show, Red Table Talk.