The Wildest and Weirdest Insurance Claims in History

Insurance policies are there to help us in our dire moments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s damaged properties or protection for our business establishments, insurance got us covered as long as we have the right policy.

Even if it all comes down with just plain, bad luck, or an accident, we can’t deny the helpfulness of our policies, especially to our livelihood and bank accounts.

That’s the reason why people should take this matter seriously since insurance gives us huge coverage and security during emergencies and the worst times. With that in mind, there are a bunch of stories about some of the wildest insurance claims out there. Some are great, some are horrific, while others are considered out of this world. Whatever the case may be, there’s only one thing certain, and that’s the fact that all of their situations are unique to themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the wildest, weirdest, and wackiest insurance claims in history. Now that’s out of our way, let’s get started!

Wild Camel Doing Wild Things

We all know the term “park at your own risk,” right? Well, a man in the land down under, Australia, learned this lesson the hard way when his car got a huge dent right at the door. The paint job was a mess, and it seemed like someone punched the car.

That’s also what most people from his auto insurance company believed at first. Good thing, this man luckily recorded the whole commotion, and the culprit behind the scenes would be none other than a wild camel doing wild things to his car. In the end, he managed to get his claim, and the video evidence he got on hand became a pivotal piece for the case. He surely didn’t just make excuses at the time.

Not So Hardwood Now

People would do all sorts of crazy things that sometimes are beyond our understanding, but this case right here might be at the borderline of that. There was a time back then when a homeowner claim got denied for modifying her flooring, and from the looks of things, that person used their hardwood floors into a bowling alley lane.

That pretty much set the deal and she wasn’t able to get the claim she wanted. However, she still stands by her beliefs and commitment that she turned the hardwood into a bowling alley because she thought that the floor was just not hard enough! With that kind of justifications, we can clearly see why the insurance provider didn’t favor her since it just doesn’t make any sense.

Happy Hour?

Wines and breweries are good hobbies and if the craft of winemaking is perfected, one might have a hell of a ride when it comes to his potential income. The income exponentially increases when we talk about aged wines for which the flavors hone by time, especially the vintage bottles that are kept in cellars.

That is what a homeowner back in the days envisioned for his basement cellar and his sets of wines. He put together wines that he aged, but with a stroke of bad luck, a couple of pipes along the basement collapsed and ultimately damaged his prized possession. Probably this man learned his lesson and, in the future, will hire a good team of experts that offer quality plumbing services.

Extended Vacation Spree

There was a couple that went for a quality time in Greece for that beautiful, month-long Mediterranean escape. Everything went on with their trip without any hiccups but little did they know, something was happening back in their home.

After their life-changing vacation in Greece, the two were welcomed by rodents that infested their home. Filled with questions, they decided to look for clues why it happened, and they found out that their upright freezer’s content was the culprit. Apparently, there was a power outage and that spoiled what’s inside the freezer. To make the matter worse, the spoiled content spilled all over the floor, inviting pests to their home. Their homeowner insurance policy kicked in, and they went on for an extended vacation outside their home while their house underwent repairs and pests control.

Wedding and Insurance

People would do everything in their power just to get that elusive perfect wedding: long, white gown, and beautiful flowers at the aisle, and of course, a perfect reception where everyone can enjoy their time. What’s missing is insurance coverage that would act as a fallback option in case something went wrong.

This is exactly what happened to a young couple. Everything was perfect until the bride’s dress caught fire. Good thing, the manly groom was there to save the day and he dumped his bride down the ocean. Thus, ruining their dream wedding. The couple then decided to file a claim for the damaged wedding dress to, at least, makeup with their loss. We just didn’t know if the case went their way.

Hot Dog Anyone?

All pet lovers out there could attest that having pets are like having children in a household. Pets need to be supervised; otherwise, they would get you in a whole lot of trouble. That’s exactly what the owner of a dog learned after their favorite pup named Skyler set his birthday cake on fire. It turned out that Skyler was trying to reach his cake that sits above the stove when he accidentally switched the burner on.

Moments later, people saw the cake burst into flames, damaging a clear portion of their house and toasting the cake to a crisp. That’s the story behind their home insurance, and it looks like they had a strong case to settle for a claim. Fortunately, no one was injured, whether it would be on the human side or the canine side.

Better Think Twice When Honking Sheeps on the Road

Sports cars are a thing of beauty on the road. They light up the streets with their jam-packed engine and everyone in the vicinity can feel its intensity whenever they revved up the gas pedal. However, the sports car probably met its match, and this time, the alone beast was taken over by a herd of goats.

Yes, you got that right, an expensive-looking red sports car was cruising along the road when its driver spotted a herd of goats in the middle of the road. He tried everything to get the herd off the road and even resorted to honking the goats. That move didn’t go well with the herd as they jumped onto the sportscar, shattering a couple of things along the way.

Motivated and Insured

Motivational speakers are people we turn to whenever we need some sort of inspiration to get things in the right place. They can sometimes give us unparalleled strength and willpower to overcome any obstacle and break any walls. However, there was a certain individual that took this literally.

Interestingly enough, this motivational speaker did his part and encouraged one of his audiences to break aboard. A member of the audience followed it by heart and ended up on a claim case to an insurance company after breaking his hands while following the speaker’s instructions. On the bright side, the speaker did great filling up the meter of their listeners. Too bad for the injured, he probably had a little too much.

Snakes Everywhere

Let’s all admit that most of us are pretty much afraid of snakes. Some snakes sport a deadly venom that can instantly kill a grown man in just a couple of minutes. With that in mind, we can just barely imagine what it would be like to see the head of a dreaded rattlesnake right in the toilet.

The plumbing services team entered the scene and rescued the day for those poor fellows but to their shock, they found almost two dozens of this snake lurking around their plumbing system. Good thing they were able to get their acts together and no one got injured during this encounter. That’s coming from both the snakes and the human side, so that’s a job well done.

Game Smashed

Video games are now more popular than ever and many people spend most of their time just to get a couple of hours on their favorite titles. However, these two brothers right here tasted the bitterness of defeat both in video games and in real life after they got denied with their $1.1K claim for a new set of smart TV.

It all started when their family got insurance for their television set and everything seemed to be going normally. One of the two brothers was playing with an interactive game on their new screen but accidentally pitched his controller and smacked the exact center of the television screen. He may have shattered their smart TV, but at least, he learned how to pitch hard.