The Mystery of the Lost Drone

Most of us are still fascinated with unsolved mysteries of the vanishing planes at the Bermuda Triangle. Even with modern equipment, experts still can’t determine if the famed phenomenon is real or just a pure hoax. That’s the type of mystery this certain lady felt when she lost her insured drone right after she looked away from the glare of the sun.

Even to this date, the drone might still be floating around the limbo and is nowhere to be found. Good thing, it has an insurance policy and it would save the owner a couple of bucks to replace that expensive drone that went missing into thin air. We bet she wouldn’t do the same things she did on her first time.

Real-life Bat Lair

Homeowners’ insurance coverage is always a great deal to all people who availed of the policy. It provides us with an extra layer of protection for our property without the hassle of going into so much detail– just like what happened with one family and their century and a half old farmhouse.

On the outside, it looked like just your run of the mill farmhouse but upon closer inspection, the whole vicinity was filled with bats and would put Batman’s minions to shame. In fact, bat poop covered the ground with almost two feet of their thing. Now, imagine that situation without a homeowner’s insurance policy. It would be a huge mess given the cleanup as well as the repair cost.

Pickup Truck WIth Plenty of Horsepower

If there’s any takeaway from this story, it is the fact that we have to be careful about what we use to polish our cars and trucks. Just take a look at what happened to a hunter from Missouri and his poor 4X4 pickup truck.

That truck was one of the prized possessions of the said hunter. He already placed huge investments toward this monster, so it would be fitting to use a specialized wax to get the exterior all shiny and new. However, this carnauba car wax gives out a banana-like scent that everybody likes. After his trip, he was surprised to see that his truck was surrounded by horses and filled with a couple of bite marks. Poor pickup truck.

The Tale of the Lost iPhone

Nowadays, smartphones are a pretty useful tool in our everyday lives. It acts like our all-in-one utility and communication device that could easily fit inside our wallets. However, there’s a livestock farmer in Devon, the UK who found out that his iPhone could fit his cow’s insides.

It all happened when he was attending his livestock for a calf delivery. He used his iPhone as a torch but experienced the most shocking thing in the world after his phone got sucked inside his cow. The calf came out pretty healthy but he never got his iPhone back. Good thing he had mobile insurance for it and he apparently got his claim full after explaining his situation. That’s a win-win situation for him in our books.

Heads Up

You probably have the worst luck in the world in order for you to get struck by a coconut on the head. However, it seems like there are actually around 150 people around the globe who got struck by the dreaded coconut. Did you know The Travel Agency Club Direct decided to include that as one of their insurance policies? Well, you can never be too sure, right?

As of this moment, the agency still hasn’t got any claimant from this policy and that’s a good thing. On the flip side of the coin, there’s a man in Hawaii who got himself a couple of grands richer because of a similar incident where he got struck by a falling coconut while on the sidewalk.

Be Careful When Ordering Curly Fries

A lady and her elderly mother just recently got back from a long doctor’s appointment when the two decided to take a bite down the nearest fast-food chain around their area. They had an exciting meal together and took a couple of to-go orders, including a set of curly fries.

After they got home and parked her car, the elderly woman dropped her bag of fries and left them on the driveway. The lady then went on to get a broom as she got ready to clean up the mess, but it seemed like the bag went missing already. A couple of days later, her car’s engine lights started to play up, and it appeared that the bag of fries managed to get stuck onto the engine compartment of her car. The bad news, rodents also gnaw the snack and a couple of wires along the way. Her insurance company covered the damages for fixing up the car and removing the curly fries within the car’s system.

Let’s Taste That Moolah

Good food wouldn’t be so great if we can’t taste them for real. We also have to take note that food critics use their sense of taste to a whole new level, and their livelihood depends on it. Now, if we combine the taste buds and insurance policy to the mix, we would see the story of the food critic, Egon Ronay.

Ronay had a firm voice in the culinary world because of his exquisite taste buds, and he decided that his buds were more special compared to others. As a result, he insured his taste buds for a jaw-dropping $393,000 policy. That’s a clear way to say that his taste buds are pretty special, and people should always take it seriously.

Dentures On Water!

Have you ever thought about how important travel insurance is? Well, if you are constantly on the move, we bet that you appreciate it in an event that you accidentally lost one of your important baggage. Besides, there’s a man who could attest to the significance of this policy in his life, and here’s his story.

He was traveling on a cruise ship for a vacation when he lost his dentures. Apparently, it fell out overboard while he was vomiting and that was the last time he saw his beloved dentures. He filed a claim for his lost dentures under his travel insurance company and surprisingly got rewarded. Our best guess is that the insurer considers dentures as baggage. He wouldn’t be sad anymore because of his lost dentures, and that’s for sure.

Prepared for Everything, Including Alien Abduction

One clear way to see if we are insured enough is to account for all possible things that could go wrong with our lives. Is our house properly insured? How about our cars? But we bet there’s something you missed on the list, and we are talking about alien abductions.

Yes, that’s a real thing, and folks from St. Lawrence Agency actually sell this policy. However, they admitted that this is all a gimmick, but the policy is legit. In fact, they already paid one of their policyholders a couple of years ago when a claimant approached them and showed them an unusual implant in his body. Well, what do you know? They found out that implant is nothing like what we see here on Earth, so the claimant managed to walk away with terms of gaining $1 every year until death.

 Insurance and Promotions

Christmas season is the time when we see all sorts of promotions popping left and right. Some would give us huge discounts for purchases, while others give a vast selection of freebies. The bottom line is that we get more bang for our buck. However, there’s a jewelry company in North Carolina that offers more than that.

They offered to refund a whopping $500,000 worth of sales if their city saw more than three inches of snow right on the big day, on Christmas day. Good thing, they had good insurance coverage because the port city of Wilmington got more than eight inches of snow right on Christmas day. Can you imagine if they shouldered all the possible losses they could get if they haven’t got the right policy?