Look At These Celebrities Who Look More Gorgeous When All Glammed Up After Weight Loss


As doctors always remind us, losing weight is all about food and exercise, with what you put in your mouth taking up 80% of the reason for either weight gain or loss. For Rachael Ray, it was normal to eat a lot of food since she is a world-renowned cook and even has her own show. By the time she reached 40 years old, her metabolism had considerably slowed, and even though she was eating healthy, she gained weight.

Losing weight became a great degree of challenge for her. She then switched her diet to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoiding ultra-processed foods so that there would be no gluten. Sometimes, she would indulge in steak and pasta, but for the most part, she only ate certain foods to limit her caloric intake. She also embraced a more active lifestyle and was able to lose 40 pounds.