As the son of Cher, Chaz Bono grew up accustomed to being famous and under the microscope. He then carved out his own niche in music. On top of all these, he is also an LGBT advocate. One might be surprised to find out that he was once a ‘she’ who underwent female to male transition. He did make the necessary investments to be able to express himself better.

There is one other thing that Bono worked hard for, and that is losing weight. At one point, he weighed about 250 pounds, and that alarmed him. In 2012, he promised to lose weight and ate only meat and vegetables, foregoing the other carbohydrate-rich food sources. This worked, and he was proud to share that he lost 60 pounds. He also gained more confidence when he became healthier. Indeed, losing weight has many benefits; one has to do it mainly for self-love and to live a healthier life.