These TV Child Stars In Your Memory All Grown Up: Where Are They Now?


Ron Howard is an American who has made himself a name as an actor, filmmaker, director, and producer. Ron won critics and audiences over with his award-winning projects, including A Beautiful Mind and Arrested Development. He seems to be born with a talent for filmmaking since both his parents are actors, and his father was also a director.

Ron Howard began to take part in a TV series as a child. The actor first got his start that catapulted him to fame for his role as the adorable redhead Opie on The Andy Griffith Show. He is one of the Happy Days alum with his role as Richie Cunningham from 1974 to 1984. Ron also had many awards, credits for his most prominent films, such as Cinderella Man, The DaVinci Code, Apollo 13, and a lot more, which paved the way for his huge blockbuster status.