Celebrities Who And Their Most Iconic Hero/Villain Roles

Liam Neeson | Bryan Mills (Taken)

Liam Neeson has played different types of roles in his career, but his film Taken took his career to a new path. Critics said that the movie was the turning point of his career into becoming an action star, and the actor became an awesome one ever since! After the film rose to fame, Neeson’s acting credits was filled with action films, and no one complained because he portrayed badass roles so well! In Taken, the seasoned actor portrayed Bryan Mills, a former Green Beret, and CIA officer. The man would go through a series of events to save his daughter from human traffickers while his daughter and her friend took a vacation in France.

Neeson is as much of a loving and caring father in real life as Bryan Mills. He loves spending time with his boys, and he even starred in a movie with one of his kids! Neeson says that being a father is a long-lasting joy, but it’s mixed with worry. Bryan Mills would have to agree to that!