Lucy Liu | Alex Munday (Charlie’s Angels)

Lucy Liu is a multi-faceted actress and can play different roles, and she already proved that throughout her career. The seasoned actress has even played the hero at times and also the villain. Who could forget her part as the big villain in Kill Bill: Vol. 1? However, one of her most iconic roles is Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels film franchise. Liu played a badass private investigator along with two equally amazing women. Alex lived a double life, and her boyfriend and father didn’t know she was doing badass things! Alex was great at fighting and was the brains of the group.

Liu can also fight in real life to a degree, just like Alex. She trained in martial arts of kali-eskrima-silat, where the techniques involved weapons. The tough actress also does rock climbing, skiing, and horseback riding. She’s also an intelligent woman in real life. Liu is a real-life badass, and people can see that she moves and acts genuinely on the screen.